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Research requests: Help students with their surveys

Published Jul 16, 2011

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The New Haven Pride Center from time to time receives inquiries, largely from Ph.D. students, doing research studies relating to the GLBT population.  A larger than normal number have arrived this week, and so we've decided to share them with you.  The New Haven Pride Center has not vetted these requests, so we encourage you to participate only if you're interested and are comfortable giving information to students doing research.

An Investigation into Changes in the Coming out Process Over Time: This HSRB-approved study explores how today‚Äôs experiences of coming out are different than they used to be and how they are different or the same by gender. This is a completely anonymous survey and a unique opportunity for different age cohorts of same-sex attracted individual (lesbian, gay, bisexual, homosexual, queer, etc) to share their experiences of coming out.  At this time, participation is limited to those who are 18 years of age or older.

I am working to develop a survey that can give the Criminal Justice and Psychology communities an accurate portrayal of LGBTQ experiences with the courts.  There are many disheartening stories about the inequality and maltreatment that LGBT persons continue to endure at the hands of a system which was created to protect the rights of all citizens.  However, there has been little to no empirical research investigating the systematic biases that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered persons may face in the court system.  We started this project to bring those discriminatory experiences to light.

Dr. Michelle Lally is conducting an online survey for gay and bisexual men between 18 and 50 yo.  We need just a few more people to take the survey to provide a robust enough sample for the study.  For every survey that is filled out, Dr. Lally is sending $10 to our local support agency for LGBT youth, Youth Pride.  So there is a benefit for a good cause.

I am completing a doctoral dissertation which investigates the social habits of Gay men and Lesbian women as they related to overall well-being. I am recruiting Gay men and Lesbian women who are over the age of 18 to complete this relatively brief survey.

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