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Published Feb 28, 2010

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Who are your greatest enemies? Luke Skywalker battled the respiratory challenged scoundrel Darth Vader. Superman played chess games with the Mensa maniac Lex Luthor. Batman and Robin were vexed with the likes of the Joker when they weren’t exploring the depths of their batcaves. You and I have much worse enemies to ward off. These foes rear their ugly heads daily and seek to divert us from our health and fitness goals. The Bangles rendition of “Manic Monday” starts us heading through a sea of procrastination and fitness evasion.

There is the Monday happy hour and “2-4-1” drinks the rest of the night at your favorite watering hole. This double-headed monster lures you from your daily workout with promises of sweet intoxication and the aroma of tangy mouth-watering boneless buffalo wings. This enemy gets extra fire power during October, November, and December with Monday night football. Resistance is futile.

Tuesday night should be your cardiovascular workout with the running club at the park. However, that new television lineup on NBC isn’t going to watch itself. It took scores of actors, directors, producers, grips, and cameramen many weeks to compile “Must See TV” for your excitement. You could just TIVO it all and catch up some other night. You would then be terrifyingly ignorant around the water cooler the next morning. That’s too dangerous to chance. Bad guys win again!

It’s hump day and you’ll get back on that fitness wagon that you fell off of earlier in the week. (I smell a conjunction coming) BUT....the guy in shipping and receiving is requesting your attendance at his birthday bonanza at the Hoo-Ha Lounge. The enemy here calls himself GUILT. Your coworkers needle you about missing the retirement party for Nallely in the claims department. The decision is clear. You can always hit the weights tomorrow at the gym.

Thursday dawns on you and what knave could be lurking to derail your plans today? Out of the bushes and over the grassy knoll are fired two shots. They are in the form of two tickets to that sold-out Erasure concert. No way! Get out! Andy Bell is in town and you’ve got your claws on some front row seats. You know every song and every lyric. That arm and chest workout can be shelved until tomorrow!

What a concert! You have a hoarse voice but at least it’s Friday. Oh no! It’s Friday! There’s no way you can hit the gym tonight. Everybody who’s anybody will be at that new club in downtown. Those hot DJ’s from KGAY will be handing out free T-shirts and selling $1 shooters for charity. You have all weekend off work and you can surely make up for missed workout time then. After all Scarlet, tomorrow is another day.

Saturday brings bright skies and temperatures in the low 90’s. The phone rings and it’s the boys. They’re heading for the lake with the boat, sunscreen, and a cooler stocked full of barley pops. There is no way you can miss this.  I know you’ve said it before. But this has just been an unusual week. You really will get back on track soon. Right?

Sunday comes and you can probably write your own defeat against an evil enemy. It doesn’t have to be this way.  Stay strong against the dark side. With some discipline and some proper planning, you can keep a workout routine. Know what is important and stay focused. Tomorrow is always the busiest day of the year. Don’t let it be that way. Take charge today!

This column is brought to you by that guy who likes to stomp his feet in bathroom stalls JUST for attention. That guy is Ron Blake and he can be reached at

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Ron Blake is a personal fitness trainer in the Phoenix, AZ metro area, and an author who contributes a regular health and fitness column to newspapers and websites across the country. He has been training individuals and groups for 15 years. Visit his website at

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