Guide for Filing CT Uneployment Claims during COVID-19

We know this is a hard and confusing time. COVID-19 has turned many of our worlds upside down so we are here to try and help and make everything easier and smoother. 

One of the things that are particularly anxiety-inducing is if you have found yourself unemployed. The state of Connecticut, along with many other states, have expanded the unemployment benefits thanks to the CARES Act. Filing for unemployment benefits can often be confusing, but with the added COVID-19 chaos it can be even worse.

So we have created a little “how to” step by step guide, inspired by the recent communications from the department of labor. The direction to fill out your forms this way is coming directly from the department to make sure your claim is picked-up quickly : 

  1. Go to, click the blue button and begin to file your claim.
  2. Answer yes, on “Has your employer given you DEFINITE return to work date.
  3. Answer yes, on “Will you return to work with the same employer within 6 weeks…”
  4. Enter 4/18/2020 as your return to work date.
  5. Respond 1 to the “In the last 18 months…” Question.
  6. For “What is the name of your employer” enter the name of the employer that laid you off or reduced your hours of work because of Covid-19
  7. Selected “Temporary Shutdown” from the list as the Reason for separation from employment.
  8. Select “yes” that you have the employer registration number and for the registration number enter “9999995”
  9. For the last date, you worked enter “3/22/2020”
  10. Accurately answer if you are a US citizen?
  11. Respond As Follows
    1.  “Yes” to “Have you worked in CT in the last 2 years”
    2. No, to “ have you worked in a state other than CT…”
    3. No, to “Did you collect worker’s compensation…”
    4. No, to “In the last 2 years did you start…”
    5. No, to “Have you worked for the federal goverment..”
    6. No, to “Have you served in the armed forces…”
    7. No, to “Have you worked for an education institution…”
    8. Answer accurately to “Are you a construction worker.”
    9. No, to “are you self-employed”
    10. No, to “Are you or have you been a corporate..”
    11. Yes, to “Are you able and available for full-time work.”
    12. No, to “Are you attending school…”
    13. No. to “Are you claiming any dependents.”
  12. Finally Click the “Next” Button at the bottom of your screen.

Once you finish with this you will be taken to the Claimant Questionnaire. Make sure you answer all questions accurately and completely. Once finished Submit and your claim will be filed. 

Make sure you check your email daily for updates on the status of your claim application. Making sure to always check your junk or spam mail folder if you do not see anything in your regular email inbox. 

Click here to see the directions chart created by the Department of Labor. More questions? Contact the Center’s Director of Case Management and Support Services, Juancarlos Soto at