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Have you enjoyed the reporting and articles in the New Haven Pride Center’s Pride Guide in the past? Miss having a Connecticut LGBTQ+ publication?

In June 2018, the New Haven Pride Center Center launched an LGBTQ+ News Publication titled Centerline Magazine! The goal of Centerline Magazine is to tell our stories, from our viewpoint. Articles and photo spreads contained in Centerline Magazine aim to highlight the diversity of our community, represent different corners of our state, and share the histories and views that make Connecticut’s LGBTQ+ community special.

With state-wide distribution, Centerline Magazine will feature LGBTQ+ news articles, opinion pieces, arts & culture highlights, and more! Pick-up a copy at your favorite LGBTQ+ spot or download issues below. Click here to see our distribution list. Is there a place missing from our distribution list? Let us know.

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Share your story with Connecticut’s vastly diverse LGBTQ+ community on the pages of Centerline Magazine, Connecticut’s LGBTQ+ print publication written by and for queer folks and exclusively published by the New Haven Pride Center. Centerline Magazine is filled with the stories of our community through in-depth perspectives, compelling op-eds, and photographic journalism.

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Editorial Staff

Joshua O’Connell, Editor-in-Chief
Patrick J Dunn, Editor
Laura Boccadoro, Assistant Editor
Maia Leonardo, Advertising Editor

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Volume III

Volume III, Issue I
Now Available

In this issue :

  • Sex Work is Real Work : The Case Against SESTA/FOSTA
  • The New Haven Pride Center Team
  • A Look at Some LGBTQ+ History
  • New Program Goes Bi+ the Book
  • DMV Now Gives Non-Binary Recognition. What’s Next?
  • FUNdraising in the Winder : Upcoming LGBTQ+ Fundraisers
  • LGBTQ+ To-Dos Around Connecticut
  • PHOTO SPREAD: Having a Ball

Volume III, Issue II
Now Available

In this issue:

  • Events and Information for the Bi+ Community
  • The Government’s War on the Trans Community
  • Protest and the Pandemic
  • How Does Being Intersectional Affect Safety?
  • LGBTQ+ Survivors, Like All of Us, Need Community, Not Police
  • The Age of the Kings
  • At Mx. Chez Queen, The King Reigns
  • LGBTQ+ Programming: A Shift in Venue — and Values?
  • A Sampling of Qweird Words
  • Welcome to the Gayborhood
  • PHOTO SPREAD : Yale Cabaret Drag Show
  • PHOTO SPREAD : The Dorothy Awards

Volume III, Issue III
Now Avaliable

In this issue:

  • What Comes After T
  • Bi+ Visibility a Critical Need for Pride Events
  • Queer Space and COVID Crisis : How a Pandemic Forges Innovation and Examination
  • Pride Center Feeds 100s with 65,000 lbs of Food
  • Changing of the Guard : Looking at the Next Phase of True Colors
  • ‘I Am Not Going Anywhere’
  • PHOTO SPREAD : Creative Businesses
  • PHOTO SPREAD : Exhibition Virtually
  • PHOTO SPREAD : NHPC Food Program
  • PHOTO SPREAD : 2020 Pride Events around CT
  • PHOTO SPREAD : OutWorks Exhibit

Volume II

Volume II, Issue I
Now Available

In this issue:

  • SESTA/FOSTA Law’s Vast Impact on the LGBTQ+ Community
  • Dorothy Awards Honorees Continue Tradition of Great Community Work
  • Connecticut’s Imperial Court Enters 20th Year of Giving Back
  • New Haven Pride Center Shares its 2019 Roadmap
  • FUNdraising in Winter: Upcoming LGBTQ+ Fundraisers
  • LGBTQ+ To-Dos Around Connecticut
  • PHOTO SPREAD: Imperial Sovereign Court of All Connecticut
  • PHOTO SPREAD: Life at Partners

Volume II, Issue II
Now Available

In this issue:

  • Proposed Bill Would Prevent HIV Through Youth Access to Preventative Medication
  • LGBTQ+ Youth Get a Much Needed Assist
  • The State of HIV in Connecticut
  • LGBTQ+ To-Dos Around Connecticut
  • FUNdraising in Spring: Upcoming LGBTQ+ Fundraisers
  • PHOTO SPREAD: Trevi Turns 6
  • PHOTO SPREAD: 16th Annual Dorothy Awards
  • PHOTO SPREAD: Red Carpet Experience

Volume II, Issue III
Now Available

In this issue:

  • Pinkwashing: Pawns for War & Xenophobia
  • History of Pride in Connecticut
  • See & “Be Seen” at the Wadsworth
  • A Kiki with Jacob Padrón
  • FUNdraising in Summer: Upcoming LGBTQ+ Fundraisers
  • LGBTQ+ To-Dos Around Connecticut
  • PHOTO SPREAD: Pink Eggs & Glam in New London
  • PHOTO SPREAD: Chocolate & Cheesecake Gala

Volume II, Issue IV
Now Available

In this issue:

  • How Growing Up a Lesbian Made Me Immune to the Patriarchy
  • Celebrate with a Clear View of the Road Yet to be Traveled
  • Support and Social Groups for the Transgender Community
  • ‘We Are Here to Give Hope’ A Conversation with Triangle Community Center’s New Executive Director, Sean-Michael Hazuda
  • Hot Night at Dragapalooza Raises $3k for APNH, Y2Y
  • SAMESEX Stuns at City Lights
  • SAMESEX Braves the Rain
  • LGBTQ+ To-Dos Around Connecticut
  • PHOTO SPREAD: Middletown Pride Parade
  • PHOTO SPREAD: Born This Way Fashion Show
  • PHOTO SPREAD: Dragapalooza

Volume II, Issue V
Now Available

In this issue:

  • ‘They’ Will Get With the Times
  • Mohegan Sun Show Not a Drag
  • LGBTQ+ Support for Veterans in the VA Healthcare System Blossoms
  • LGBTQ+ Events for Women Offer a Diverse Assortment of Activities.
  • ‘Lovepiece’ Featured at Kamora’s Cultural Corner
  • Chez Queen: Drag, Drag and More Drag
  • Conn. School Libraries Receive An LGBTQ+ Assist
  • Events from Around Conn. & Events from Around Conn.
  • PHOTO SPREAD : New London Pride
  • PHOTO SPREAD : “Drag Race” Royalty
  • PHOTO SPREAD : Connecticut Sound Pride
  • PHOTO SPREAD : Chez Queen Finale
  • PRIDE New Haven special issue

Volume I

Volume I, Issue I
Now Available

In this issue:

  • Celebrating 40+ Years of Chez Est
  • Celebrating Pride across Connecticut
  • Radicals in Miniature, A Preview
  • Why is being black and transgender such a challenge?
  • PHOTO SPREAD: 15th Annual Dorothy Awards by Megan McGory Gleason

Volume I, Issue II
Now Available

In this issue:

  • Important Victory for Trans People in Prison in Connecticut
  • Off a Successful First Year, New Haven Pageant Expands
  • Celebrating 2 Decades of Pride in New Haven 
  • The Children of Marsha P. Johnson: A Queer Black and Brown Youth Camp
  • PHOTO SPREAD: Pride in the Park, Fairfield County’s Pride Celebration
  • PHOTO SPREAD: Dragapalooza
  • PHOTO SPREAD: The Children of Marsha P. Johnson

Volume I, Issue III
Now Available

In this issue:

  • New leadership at The Jim Collins Foundation
  • FUERZAFest Returns to Hartford
  • A Kiki with Carrie Ashton
  • FUNdraising in Fall: Upcoming LGBTQ+ Fundraisers
  • LGBTQ+ To-Dos Around Connecticut
  • PRIDE New Haven special issue
  • PHOTO SPREAD: New London Pride

Volume I, Issue IV
Now Available

In this issue:

  • Trans & Talented Open Mic Night
  • Social Bowling for All
  • LGBTQ+ To-Dos Around Connecticut
  • PHOTO SPREAD: So You Think You Can Bowl
  • PHOTO SPREAD: Something for All at the Chez Est
  • PHOTO SPREAD: Squad Up for Trans Rights