Exhibit : Body Aesthetic

Body Aesthetic

April 7 – May 4, 2021

The Chez Est Gallery | Gallery Hours : Wed – Sun 4:00p – 11:00p
Chez Est, 458 Wethersfield Avenue, Hartford


Artist Statement : For my collection of paintings, I decided to focus on the male body in different states of undress because I’ve always wanted to capture the beauty and eroticism of the male figure. The male form naturally captures my attention through the many features of the body with its organic shapes and lines. I wanted to draw the attention of my audience to my paintings and have them appreciate the male form stripped down to barely nothing but the essential pieces of clothing or in a state of nudity. I hope to have celebrated the male figure in my paintings through the use of contrasting colors, natural shapes and fine lines.


Opening Reception at Chez Est | Wednesday, April 6, 2021 at 5:30p

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Virtual Gallery

Figure 2 - acrylic on canvas - $650
Jock - acrylic on canvas - $375
Figure 1 - acrylic on canvas - $800
Morning Shower - acrylic on canvas - $250
Bathroom Play - acrylic on canvas - $250
Unbuttoned - acrylic on canvas - $1,250
M1 - acrylic on canvas - $500
M2 - acrylic on canvas - $500
M3 - acrylic on canvas - $500
M4 - acrylic on canvas - $500
M5 - acrylic on canvas - $500
Unbuttoned - acrylic on canvas - $1,250
M7 - acrylic on canvas - $500

About the Artist

Carl Sylvester

Carl (he/him) is a Connecticut artist living in West Hartford.  He has used graphite, pen, ink, pastels and acrylic paint to create various artwork.  He’s done many pet portrait paintings mostly of dogs but has also taken an interest in figurative paintings of the male form.  He’s preferred style of art is realism but once in awhile he will throw in pop art style in the mix with his artwork.