Exhibit : MestrePiece

Ricky Mestre :

May 12 – July 30, 2021

The Chez Est Gallery | Gallery Hours : Wed, Thr & Sun 5:00p – 1:00a, Fri & Sat 5:00p – 2:00a
Chez Est, 458 Wethersfield Avenue, Hartford


This exhibit features self-reflective and exploratory retrospective and new work. Retrospective work speaks to trans identity and supporting trans folks, while newer work speaks to themes of alienation for artists and creators. Artworks in this show are based on people the artist knows, giving things a personal feel.



Virtual Opening Reception | Wednesday, June 12, 2021 @ 5:30p

Virtual Tour of Exhibition | Watch here!



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This exhibition is made possible by :

Virtual Gallery

Concessions on the Dance Floor - Acrylic on Canvas - $900
Sad Clown - Acrylic on Canvas - $900
MaveRick - acrylic on canvas - $900
Target Missed - acrylic on canvas - $900
Besame - acrylic on canvas - $350 - $600 with Besame Mucho
Besame Mucho - acrylic on canvas - $350 ($600 with Besame)
Xanadudes - acrylic on canvas - $1000
Untitled - acrylic on canvas - $150
Drag and Ballsy - acrylic on canvas - $100
Stand With Trans - acrylic on canvas - $350
Puppy Love - acrylic on canvas - $200
Fire and Ice - acrylic on canvas - $800
The Lamentation of the Queer Brother - acrylic on canvas - $500
Pups on Parade - acrylic on canvas - $900

About the Artist

Ricky Mestre

Ricky Mestre (he/him) is a multimedia artist from the Fairfield County area of Connecticut. Throughout the years he has exhibited his artwork in various events, galleries and museums across the state and in New York City. His influences come from his Puerto Rican culture and urban environment. Many of his pieces also contain LGBTQ themes and issues since he is heavily involved in fighting causes and charities in that community.  Ricky received his Bachelor’s degree in Illustration from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. Aside from being the chairman for City Lights Gallery’s annual SameSex exhibit and Bridgeport Pride festivities in Bridgeport, he also works in programming at Sound View Community Media Inc. where he has also produced his own television show and many other community projects.