Exhibit : Relinquish Control

Relinquish Control
Guest Curated by Maria Altamura / Basurababii

March 1 – April 30, 2021

Great Room Gallery | Viewing by Appointment
New Haven Pride Center, 84 Orange Street, New Haven


After the year of unexpected twists and turns, the common bond we hold as a society is relinquishing control and adapting to a new reality.

Join a collective of Fairfield County artists in this exploration of how 2020 has taught (or forced) all of us to relinquish control. This multi-artist exhibition features the works of four artists showcasing the idea of loss of control through multiple media. This exhibition is guest curated by Maria Altamura / Basurababii.


Virtual Opening Reception | Monday, March 1, 2021 @ 4:00p

Artist Talk with Maria Altamura / Basurababii, Stephen Cardone, and Vanessa Giraldos | Click here

Virtual Tour of Exhibition | coming soon



At Pride Center, Artists Relinquish Control by Arturo Pineda (Arts Paper)

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Interested in purchasing any of the pieces below? Click here.

Bleached Arcadia - Stephan Cardone - Photography - $150
Lost In The Concrete - Stephan Cardone - Photography - $150
An Ugly Prayer - Stephan Cardone - Photography -$150
The Scrying Stone - Stephan Cardone - Photography - $210
I Was Never Really There At All - Stephan Cardone - Digital Art/Photography - $250
Puppy Love - Jesse Bowie - Acrylic on wood - $500
Mr. Red - Jesse Bowie - Acrylic on wood - $500
Bowie's Boy Print - Jesse Bowie - Print - $35
Bowie's Boy Print - Jesse Bowie - Print - $35
Bowie's Boy Print - Jesse Bowie - Print - $35
Bowie's Boys Print - Jesse Bowie - Print - $35
Relinquish Control - Vanessa Giraldos - Illustration - $35
Systemic Control - Vanessa Giraldos - Illustration - $50
Excessive Use - Vanessa Giraldos - Illustration - $50
Meta-Perception - Vanessa Giraldos - Illustration - $35
Fuck The Feds - Maria Altamura/Basurababii - Acrylic on Canvas - $100
Childhood - Maria Altamura/Basurababii - Acrylic on Canvas - $80
Divine Intervention - Maria Altamura/Basurababii - Acrylic on Canvas - $125
Scared - Maria Altamura/Basurababii - Acrylic on Canvas - $100

About the Artists

Maria Altamura / Basurababii – Guest Curator & Artist

Basurababii (she/her) is an upcycling artist, adding new life to what some may consider trash. Her work explores human expression translated in a colorful and exaggerated way.

Jesse Bowie – Artist

Jesse (he/him) is a local Connecticut Artist and Graphic Designer modern contemporary pieces that captures the pride of the LGBT+ community. Follow him on social media @bowiesboys and @jesseabowie.

Stephen Cardone – Artist

Stephen (he/him) is a local photographer and filmmaker. His film instagram is @uncreativeoutlets, and his photography page is @readysteadyvisuals.

Vanessa Giraldos – Artist

Vanessa (she/her) is a first-generation immigrant from Colombia who has lived, breathed and learned transnationally. She is passionate about multimedia arts, design and sustainability. Her art is often inspired by people, the built environment and her own lived experiences.

She is a Connecticut College graduate with a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies and Art. She also studied drawing, archeology and conservation in Italy, and architecture and urban design at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture in New York and Paris.

Her artwork is featured in the Connecticut College Linda Lear Center for Special Collections and Archives, and her work is permanently installed in the Ralph Sloan Gallery at Norwalk City Gall and in Norwalk, Connecticut’s very own Art Park. Her work has also been showcased at Connecticut College, Sacred Heart University, Norwalk Community College, Columbia University’s Reid Hall in Paris, France and at the International Center for the Arts in Montecastello di Vibio, Italy.

Check out her instagram at @giraldosart or website vanessgiraldos.com to see more.