Exhibit : Representation


February 10 – April 5, 2021

The Chez Est Gallery | Gallery Hours : Wed – Thr 5:00p – 11:00p, Sun 5:00p – 10:00p
Chez Est, 458 Wethersfield Avenue, Hartford


Representation is an incredible exploration of the intersectionality of these incredible artists. Originally inspired by Kamora’s Cultural Corner’s “Black Art Heals” moto, this exhibit highlights some of the incredible queer and black artists and organizers from the Greater Hartford area. This exhibition is guest curated by Anne:Gogh.

This exhibition is put on in partnership with Kamora’s Cultural Corner.


Opening Reception at Chez Est | Wednesday, February 10, 2021 at 5:30p

Virtual Tour of Chez Est Exhibition | Click here

Artist Talk with Anne:Gogh, Jaii Marc Renee, Yoyo Collado, and David Elliott | Click here



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Interested in purchasing any of the pieces below? Click here.

Philly Love - $40 - print/mixed media - by David Elliott
I Matter - NFS - print/mixed media - David Elliott
Pink - $250 - mixed media - Tia Lynn Waters
Camera Life - $140 - acrylic on canvas - by Anne:Gogh
The Strongest Woman I Know - $35 - digital art - Yoyo Collado
Come Together - $40 - mixed media - Yoyo Collado
Same Cloth - $75 - acrylic on canvas - Anne:Gogh
Blue - $250 - mixed media - Tia Lynn Waters
King of Clubs - $1000 - acrylic on canvas - Jaii Marc Renee
Queen of Clubs - $1000 - acrylic on canvas - Jaii Marc Renee

About our Artists

Anne:Gogh – Curator & Artist

Anne:Gogh is a proud Hartford native committed to uplifting the community through creating safe spaces for self-care and expression. She is a visual & performing artist who is determined to fortify the importance of veracity and altruism. Currently, Anne: is engulfed in working as the Artist in Residence for Kamora’s Cultural Corner and facilitator for Toivo.

Yoyo Collado – Artist

Bio coming soon. 

David Elliott – Artist

Bio coming soon.

Jaii Marc Renee – Artist

Through his art, Jaii (he/him) channels the difficult symptoms of bipolar depression, putting his heart on the canvas and letting his art function as a form of catharsis. His art explores Black identity, queer identity, and the intersections thereof.

Tia Lynn “Bubblicious” Waters – Artist

Tia (she/her) has been performing for over 30 years – taking on stages in Connecticut, New York, and Europe. Bubblicious, or Bubbles as her friends call her, was one of the founding queens of the New Haven drag scene and has performed in every LGBTQ+ venue throughout New Haven. As an visual artist Tia’s art tells stories.

As an out and proud black transgender woman, Bubbles dedicates time and energy to bring awareness, support, and visibility to black and brown trans folk through performance and activism.