Artistic Perspectives on HIV

Artistic Perspectives on HIV

November 30 – December 31, 2020

The Great Room Gallery | Gallery Hours: Make a reservation (it’s Free!)
New Haven Pride Center, 84 Orange Street, New Haven

In honor of the 32nd World AIDS Day, the New Haven Pride Center is excited to don on our walls with artwork by two exceptional artists – John Suro and Jonathan Jospeh. Both artists’ work include exceptional examples of artistic reflections that are inspired by HIV/AIDS and the communities affected by it the most.

John’s large scale installations and sculptures paired with Jonathan’s paintings will create an incredible landscape of experience and truths about one of the deadliest and long-standing epidemics in human history.


Opening Virtual Tour | Monday, November 30 @ 4:00p – Facebook & Instagram live

Artist Talk : John Suro and Jonathan Joseph | Monday, November 30 @ 6:00p – FacebookYouTube

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About the Artists

John Suro

John (He/Him) was born in Meriden, CT. He earned a BA in Urban Studies and Visual Art at Holy Cross in 1987 and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2020. John was an art director and writer for 25 years. He changed careers and has been teaching art for the past 8 years. John’s earliest and most personal artistic influences include his father Walter Surowiecki, a painter and sculptor, and his Godmother, Nellie Wawrzaszek, a painter.

John’s artistic practice is trans-disciplinary and inescapably concerns the intersections of self, thought, trauma, loss, spirituality, sexuality, politics, shifting perception, and transformation. He combines abstract paintings, surface art and objects or constructions together in conversation. His paintings and surface art are a mix of natural and synthetic materials which lend themselves to creating texture. His constructions are a mix of objects – found and sought, and ready-mades. His individual works may stand alone and may also be grouped together as installations. John continues to process the polemics of LGBTIQ oppression and has come to a new understanding of himself and his art not only as abstract but also as queer, not in a sexual sense, but as a political affirmation.

Jonathan Joseph

Updated bio coming soon.