Artsy Feelings for Digital Validation & The Golden

Artsy Feelings for Digital ValidationThe Golden

March 4 – April 30, 2019

The Great Room Gallery | Gallery Hours: Tue. – Thr., 3:00 – 6:00p
New Haven Pride Center, 84 Orange Street, New Haven


In this exhibition the Center displays two completely unrelated sets of works, the first Artsy Feelings for Digital Validation by Maxwell Kale and the second The Golden by Lari Freeman. At immediate glance, these two sets of work seem to have no relation, but when you look past subject matter and form, you start to see that both artists approach colour is very similarly and the way they use colour theory to tell their individual stories, are similarly compelling and interlocking.


More information about the individual collections:

Artsy Feelings for Digital Validation: In questioning how social media forces us to interact with art, our community, and the constant search for validation, Artsy Feelings for Digital Validation combines modern art with modern technology. Featuring “8×10” digitally created images, this exhibit pushes the envelope while transporting us to the all too common landscape of social media. Through anonymous sticky notes, viewers can leave comments on the images.

The Golden:As a small child, a color book and crayons always topped Lari’s wish list. She has always loved the texture of paper, the vibrant hues of oil pastels, the mutable tones of soft pastels. She seems to see her world in colors. Where this takes her, she doesn’t know but she’s loving the thrill of the ride.


Opening Reception | Monday, March 4 at 6:00p



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About the Artists

Lari Freeman

New Haven CT based Designer, Lari Freeman (she/her), is not concerned with convention in her approach to art. “The Golden” series uses discarded papers, textures and materials, along with vibrant oil pastels. She views it as abstract thinking, entering into the golden years.

Lari’s methods characteristically involve adventurous techniques as well as methods developed from a seasoned career in Graphic Design. Her grounded sense of composition and design has been established throughout her midwestern upbringing. She views her world in color and design, drawing inspiration from her studies in Los Angeles and the greater NYC area.

Maxwell Kale

Maxwell (they/their) is a young Connecticut native nonbinary artist living in Monroe. He first discovered his love of art after graduating high school when he saw the film , “ Basquiat”. He has since over the years taken a liking to the works by Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. He considers himself an expressionist more than anything and prefers digital art because it feels more suited for the social media age.