Dream Tapping

July 9 – August 31 2018

The Great Room Gallery
New Haven Pride Center, 84 Orange Street, New Haven


A collection of colorful, energetic and emotional work from artist Sarah Savercool. See these incredible works up close and personal and enjoy some of Sarah’s best creations in one room. Art ranges from marker and acrylic on canvas to collages and clay.

Sarah says that most of the time when she draws a picture she is trying to capture a feeling she gets. A positive one. A kind of profoundly spiritual one too at that. She believes we all have it. When we think about love, or God, or the Majesty of the universe she thinks we all get this excitable feeling. That’s the feeling she is trying to draw in these pictures. She likes for her drawings to be exciting and colorful. She wants them to make you feel spiritually happy and excited in your soul.  She is very fond of drawing hands and eyes; to her, they symbolize being divinely watched. She finds great comfort in feeling like even in moments of loneliness. She is surrounded by an unseen company that in some way is rooting for her. In her collages she is doing the same things – trying to capture a spiritual joy in an image.


Exhibit Events:

Opening Reception | Monday, July 9

Sarah’s Craft Circle: Fairies & Cork Plants | Saturday, July 21

Sarah’s Craft Circle: Collage Making | Saturday, August 18


About the Artist

Sarah loves arts and crafts and is frequently hobbying at new crafts that she can teach herself. She lives in New Haven and absolutely loves it.  Some of these drawings were done at the coffee shops around New Haven, like JoJo’s and Blue State. Another hobby she has is kickboxing which she tries to do as much as possible.

In her personal life she loves her family with all my heart and is extremely close to them. She also loves dogs and is constantly creeping on all the cute dogs around New Haven and trying to pet as many of them as possible. She is tremendously grateful for the Pride Center. She goes to all the Pride Center events and has coffee with Patrick often during Coffee with the E.D. events. She is very grateful to all who will be viewing her art and can’t wait to talk and discuss more with you.