¡Queer y Que! (Queer & What?)

¡Queer y Que!
(Queer & What!)

July 27 – August 21, 2020

The Great Room Gallery | Gallery Hours: Make a Reservation
New Haven Pride Center, 84 Orange Street, New Haven


We are Queer & we are Latinx, and what?

In ¡Queer y Que! the New Haven Pride Center invites Latinx artists to explore their queerness and tell their stories through their unique artistic perspective. In this multi artist exhibition, artists draw on inherently queer and Latinx experiences to create imagery that is bold and intimate at the same time.

How does being Latinx effect your queerness? Let’s explore this together.

This program is co-curated by Juancarlos Soto and Patrick J Dunn and is part of the Center’s Latinx Programming. To contact our Latinx Program Officer Max Cisneros, click here.


Opening Virtual Tour | Monday, July 27 @ 4:00p – facebook, twitter & instagram live

Artist Talk : A Queer & Latinx Perspective | Wednesday, August 12 @ 4:00p – facebook and YouTube live

Take the Virtual Tour | Available on YouTube



Pride Center Asks: ¡Queer y Que! by Jewel Booker (Arts Paper)


About the Artists

Anthony Barroso

Anthony (he/him) is a proud Ecuadorean Undocu-Queer Immigrant living in New Haven, CT. He currently works as a community organizer for CT Students for a Dream. He strives to build community, healing, and power among marginalized communities, specially young people. He dreams of a world free from violence and systemic oppression.

His art reflect his experiences with intersectionality, feeling alienated from society due to his queerness and immigrant status, and the inspiration he feels from folks out on the front lines against systemic violence.

Luciana McClure

Luciana (she/her) is a fine art photographer, artist, educator, independent curator and a selfless advocate and motivator of social change through artistic expression, activism and community building. Her photography work fluctuates between grey moody landscapes that explores themes of solitude, escape and wander, to melancholic foggy quiet landscapes. Her most recent body of work is about the fragmentation of the female body, representation and identity, while exploring themes of voyeurism, portraiture and objectification.

Luciana is also the founding organizer of the Nasty Women Movement in Connecticut and leads Nasty Women Connecticut. She is currently enrolled at Southern Connecticut State University working on her MA of Women and Gender Studies.

Daniel Mena

Daniel (he/him) is a transgender latinx artist currently living in New Britain, Connecticut. He works mainly with acrylic and watercolor paints at this point but is continuously looking to grow and experiment in different mediums. Daniel started making art in the second half of 2019 as a way to explore complicated feelings regarding gender, mental health, and other aspects of identity. He hopes to continue to explore those themes and what they mean to him personally and how they connect him to a much larger community. Check out more of his work on instagram.

Ricky Mestre

Ricky (he/him) is a multimedia artist out of the Fairfiled County area of Connecticut. He has worked primarily out of the Connecticut and Metro New York areas. Throughout the years he has exhibited his work in various galleries and museums. His influences come from his Puerto Rican culture and urban environment.

Many of his pieces also contain LGBTQ themes and issues since he is heavily involved in fighting causes and charities in that community. Ricky received his Bachelor’s degree in Illustration from the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. Aside from being a curator at the City Lights Gallery in Bridgeport, he also works in programming at Sound View Community Media Inc. where he has also produced his own television show and many other community projects.

You can view more about Ricky and his work on his website: rickymestre.com.

Jesus Abraham Morales Sánchez

Jesus (he/him) is an educator, organizer, self-proclaimed nerd and cat dad. Originally from Mexico, Jesus migrated to New Haven in August of 2010. Jesus currently works as a Youth Development Specialist and Educator at Planned Parenthood of Southern New England.

His professional and artistic work is heavily influenced by his own experiences as a working class, queer, diabetic, Latinx immigrant and the overlap and intersectionality of those identities as well as his undying love for dinosaurs.

Juancarlos Soto

Bio coming soon.