Trans-cending Art

Trans-cending Art

November 4 – 30, 2019

The Great Room Gallery | Gallery Hours Tue – Thr 3:00 – 6:00p
New Haven Pride Center, 84 Orange Street, New Haven

January 31 – February 12, 2020 

Stage II Lobby | Gallery Hours to-be-announced
Long Wharf Theatre, 222 Sargent Drive, New Haven

November 4 – 30, 2020

The Chez Est Gallery | Gallery Hours : Wed – Thr 5:00p – 1:00a, Sun 5:00p – 11:00p
Chez Est, 458 Wethersfield Avenue, Hartford


In Trans-cending Art, the New Haven Pride Center challenges the artistic community to recognize the importance of transgender voices in the landscape of artistic expression. The exclusion of transgender artists and voices in art directly reflects on the visibility of transgender people in everyday life.

Featuring exclusively the works of Connecticut Transgender visual artists, Trans-cending Art is here to remind you that Trans folk exist.

This exhibition was originally on display in conjunction with the 2019 Transgender Day of Remembrance. 


In partnership with Long Wharf Theatre, a portion of the Trans-cending Art exhibition will be on display in the lobby of their Stage II space in January and February. This is in conjunction with their production of I Am My Own Wife. Read more about the production here.

In partnership with Chez Est, a portion of the Tran-scending Art exhibition will be on display at the Chez Est gallery space in November. This is in conjunction with the opening of this new gallery space curated by the New Haven Pride Center. Check out their website here.


Opening Reception | Monday, November 4, 2019 at 6:00p

Transgender Awareness Week | November 13 – 20, 2019 – read more

Transgender Day of Remembrance | Wednesday, November 20, 2019 at 5:30p

Opening Reception at Long Wharf Theatre  | Friday, January 31, 2020

I Am My Own Wife Opening Night | Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Opening Reception at Chez Est | Wednesday, November 4, 2020read more

Trans Lifeline Benefit | Sunday, November 8, 2020read more

Virtual Tour of Chez Est Exhibition | Click here



Read the review in The Arts Paper: At Pride Center, Trans Voices Shift Into Focus by Lucy Gellman (Nov 2019)

Read the review in the Hartford Courant Arts Section New LGBTQ art gallery in Hartford showing work by transgender artists by Susan Dunne (Nov 2020)

Wailing Instant. Created by Jules Larsen
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About the Artists

KC Councilor

KC (he/him) is transgender and he is a cartoonist, two identities that are inseparable for him. His gender transition happened through his transition from non-drawer to cartoonist; in fact, his hand knew that he was trans before his mind did. He drew myself into being, and he continues to draw himself out into the world instead of resisting, hiding or suffering from it. He makes comics about the complexities of moving through the world as a trans* person—the struggles, the surprises, the delights—and he teaches people how to use the medium of comics to powerfully create and own their stories. KC Councilor is an assistant professor in the Communication, Media, and Screen Studies department at Southern Connecticut State University.

Tony Ferraiolo

Art has played a very important role in Tony’s (he/him) healing because it allowed him to take all the emotions, he had bottled up inside, and instead of inflicting pain on himself, he was able to release it on to the canvas. The art he has created over the years tells a story of his life, through his gender transition and through his journey to heal old wounds. Some of his work is created very rapidly and spontaneously, while others are carefully executed. But all are a representation of emotions revealing openness and pain evident only in the human heart.

Elliot Grinnell

Elliot (he/him) is a 26 year old freelance illustrator who grew up in Massachusetts and now currently resides in New Haven, CT. He came out as trans when he was 17 and began his transition that same year. Attending college at Montserrat College of Art, he received his BFA in Illustration and has worked for various clients. He has had interior illustrations created for restaurants, maps published in a book, and logo design work done for a Yale lab, as well as multiple works hung in galleries. He currently works on his own character designs and explores fantasy in various forms, from current-day scifi to other-world higher fantasy stories created by himself. Elliott enjoys writing as well as illustrating and is hoping to do more work that is story-based in the future!

Jules Larson

Jules (she/her) came to New Haven when she was 11 and started painting seriously at 15. She went to ECA and Center for Creative Youth in high school. Jules’ art is about her life and she confesses her feelings and thoughts through the languages painting taught her. Jules’ traveling and community organizing background contribute to how she wants to see art influence oppressive structures: to paint what you paint but actively think about where and why it will be shown.

Finn Lockwood

Finn (they/their) is a queer & non-binary tattoo artist, illustrator and crafter residing in New Haven, CT. Through their work, Finn aims to illustrate the profundity of simplicity, to highlight the importance of identity while more deeply understanding their own in the process, and to share tender moments of personal and collective joy, sorrow, and everything in between. Finn’s work can be found on Instagram @thestrangestplaces or The Strangest Places by Finn Lockwood on Facebook.

Daniel Mena

Daniel (he/him) is a transgender latinx artist currently living in New Britain, Connecticut. He works mainly with acrylic and watercolor paints at this point but is continuously looking to grow and experiment in different mediums. Daniel started making art in the second half of 2019 as a way to explore complicated feelings regarding gender, mental health, and other aspects of identity. He hopes to continue to explore those themes and what they mean to him personally and how they connect him to a much larger community. Check out more of his work on instagram.

Reed Miller

Reed Miller (he/him) is a queer and trans man who has always enjoyed creating things with friends and solo–whether it’s banners to cover a Uhaul to chase away a transphobic bus, LGBTQ-themed escape rooms, nifty gadgets, sequin headboards and glitter-encrusted bed frames, or mediocre self-expressive and empowering art. He also has helped coordinate On the Inside (, a group show with incarcerated artists who identify as LGBTQ / are living the HIV. In New Haven, he studies environmental engineering at Yale and organizes with the grad student union Local 33.

Tia Lynn “Bubblicious” Waters

Tia Lynn “Bubblicious” Waters (she/her) has been performing for over 30 years – taking on stages in Connecticut, New York, and Europe. Bubblicious, or Bubbles as her friends call her, was one of the founding queens of the New Haven drag scene and has performed in every LGBTQ+ venue throughout New Haven. As an visual artist Tia’s art tells stories.

As an out and proud black transgender woman, Bubbles dedicates time and energy to bring awareness, support, and visibility to black and brown trans folk through performance and activism.