2020-21 LGBTQ+ Needs Assesment Survey

The Connecticut LGBTQ+ Health & Human Services Network is proud to release the survey results of their State-Wide LGBTQ+ Health & Human Services Assessment Survey

This Survey Is the FIRST State-level comprehensive
needs analysis in Connecticut history


HARTFORD, CT— The LGBTQ+ Health & Human Services Network, a state subcommittee of the Connecticut Commission on Women, is proud to release the full survey results from their 2020-2021 LGBTQ+ Health & Human Services Assessment Survey. This survey, which was conducted and produced over the past year and a half, surveyed Connecticut’s LGBTQ+ community for the first time giving the community its first ever comprehensive data analysis.

When speaking to the importance of this survey, Steven Hernández, Esq, Executive Director of the Commission on Women, Children and Seniors and appointed member of the LGBTQ+ Health & Human Services Network said “For so long, the LGBTQ+ community lived, persisted, thrived, and died in the shadows. We appreciate the work of the Network and the Consultation Center [at Yale] in lifting up the voices of our community to ensure the most effective and affirming delivery of health and human services.”

In 2019, with the support of LGBTQ+ nonprofits across the State, the Connecticut General Assembly Bill 7359 sponsored by the Human Services Committee, State Representative Jeff Currey, and State Representative Raghib Allie-Brennan established the LGBTQ+ Health & Human Services Network with the goal ‘to make recommendations to the state legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government concerning the delivery of health and human services to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer persons in the State of Connecticut.’ To move the work forward, the Network established a needs analysis that would inform decisions made by the Network’s appointed members. Working with the Consultation Center at Yale the Network, along with dedicated community advisors created the needs assessment survey and distributed it throughout the State. Once concluded, the Consultation Center reviewed the data and created the final report.

“These results come at a vital time for Connecticut’s LGBTQ+ community.” said Patrick J Dunn, Executive Director of the New Haven Pride Center and Chair of the LGBTQ+ Health & Human Services Network. “For years we have lacked tangible data to show our community’s needs which has put the LGBTQ+ community and particularly the nonprofit sector at a disadvantage when it comes to funding. This data will act as a foundation for all of us to ensure that our organizations are centering the community’s greatest needs in our services.” he continued.

Appointed Members of the LGBTQ+ Health & Human Services Network
Connecticut Latinas/os Achieving Rights and Opportunities (CLARO) Charlie Ortiz
Safe Harbor Project Robin McHaelen
New Haven Pride Center Patrick Dunn
Triangle Community Center Edson Rivas
AIDS Connecticut John Merz
Connecticut Chapter of the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (GLSEN) Ashley Holbrooks
Rainbow Center at the University of Connecticut Kelsey O’Neil
Hartford Gay and Lesbian Health Collective Linda Estabrook
Connecticut TransAdvocacy Coalition Diana Lombardi
OutCT Kia Baird
Commission on Women, Children, Seniors, Equity & Opportunity Steven Hernandez
Connecticut Community Care Sherry Ostrout
Download the report here.
Download the full press release here.
Watch the press conference here.
Download State Representative Jeff Currey’s comments here.
Download Amy Griffin from the Consultation Center at Yale’s comments here.

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Connecticut LGBTQ+ Community Survey Needs Assessment Report Released

By Christopher Gardner (Yale School of Medicine)