Exhibition Series Application

The New Haven Pride Center invites artists, artist collectives, curators, nonprofit organizations and students to exhibit their work (primarily 2D) at the Center in our Great Room Gallery. To apply for the 2020-21 Exhibition Series, please download the Guidelines, read them and then fill out the application provided below. For more information or with specific questions please e-mail our Curator Patrick J Dunn at pdunn@newhavenpridecenter.org.

The Selection Committee who will make the selections of the 2020-21 Exhibitions Series  will consist of both members of the Center’s board and the LGBTQ+ arts community. Decisions will be made by early January 2020.

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: December 15, 2019
Artwork Sales

The New Haven Pride Center asks that all artists who participate in the 2020-21 Exhibition Series commit 10% of sales to support Gallery operations and maintenance.

About the Great Room at the Center

The New Haven Pride Center is proud to exhibit works that reflects and celebrates the rich diversity of New Haven and Connecticut’s LGBTQ+ community.  The Center’s Great Room Gallery is the primary area in which the Center’s activities, support groups, and community gatherings takes place. It includes 2 walls available for the hanging of work.

"To Russia with Love" by Ricky Mestre included in the exhibit "RAW." May-June 2018.
Prints on sale during the #NHVdrag Exhibition. January 2018.