PRIDE Block Party

Hungering for a grungy CT based drag queen with a love for all things witchy and magical? Throw in some cosplay and a splash of political art, and you’ve got her. Ambrosia Lay Black is here to make all of your spooky dreams come true.


PRIDE Block Party

Bubblicious has been performing for over 30 years – taking on stages in Connecticut, New York, as well as internationally in Europe. Bubblicious, or Bubbles as her friends call her, was one of the founding queens of the New Haven drag scene and has performed in every LGBTQ+ venue throughout New Haven. As an out and proud black transgender woman, Bubbles dedicates time and energy to bring awareness, support, and visibility to black and brown trans folk through performance and activism. Her performances at PRIDE New Haven are dedicated to the black (and brown) trans women who have been consistently targeted by bigotry and hate.

Ray Decorazón

LGBTQ+ College Social, PRIDE Block Party, and PRIDE After Party

Ray Decorazón is known for his suave demeanor. He has captured hearts performing in venues across seven states as well as in Puerto Rico. He is always bringing a mix of glam, leather and charm to the stage.

Casey Fitzpatrick

PRIDE Block Party and PRIDE After Party

Casey Fitzpatrick is one of Connecticut’s Premier Transgender Entertainers. She performs at local venues as well as having graced Stonewall Inn in NYC and Southern Nights in Tampa FL. She likes to push the bar on regularity and frequently makes your head spin. She’s been a part of the New Haven community for almost 10 years. She loves what she does and is an advocate for trans rights and raising awareness on Transgender rights.


PRIDE Block Party

I’m Kalysta, I’m 23 years young. I was raised in the south, but don’t worry.. I got out as soon as I could.. My drag is fun, flirty, and risky! I hope to use my drag to give back, be a strong voice and to bring loving support to my community.

Barbra Joan Streetsand

PRIDE Block Party

She’s your Anime Alien in New Haven Ms Luna Gemini Maxim originates from Meriden CT and is the magical girl drag daughter of Tiana Maxim Rose. She’s a rising star If you wanna girl who can turn the party out? Luna is the one ,with kicks splits and death drops and violent voguing and a beat mug for days under her belt.

Rarity Moonchild

PRIDE Block Party

Rarity Moonchild is a drag queen best known for her high energy performances and fierce looks; custom made costumes and hair. Rarity has won competitions such as DragWars at Peces Bar in NYC and Chez Queen in Hartford. Rarity enjoys helping her community and is an animal rights advocate. For more information visit

Sienna Rose

PRIDE Block Party and PRIDE After Party

Sienna Rose is a Fairfield County queen who you can catch each and every Thursday at Troupe429 where she hosts The Choice: Connecticut’s only weekly drag game show, and also Trail Mix Thursday, a monthly LGBTQIA+ opens mic variety show. Follow her Instagram at @siennaroseofficial to stay up to date.

Jaxand Stix

PRIDE Block Party

Jaxand Stix is a trans man and drag performer primarily in the Hartford Drag Scene, excited to perform in New Haven for this years Pride Event. His drag is full of gender bending looks and numbers, and he’s thrilled to show his pride.

Madison Sapphire Duchannes

LGBTQ+ College Social and PRIDE Block Party

Madison Sapphire Duchannes is Connecticut’s resident Southern Belle. She runs one of New Haven’s monthly shows, “Friday Night Highlights” at Partners Café every second Friday of the month, and has been running that show for over two years. She was also appointed Grand Marshall of Middletown’s first ever Pride parade and Festival, and she’s been honored to represent Pride in her community throughout the year.

Karelys Bleau

PRIDE Block Party and PRIDE After Party

Hey it’s your favorite latin beauty Karelys Bleau at 29 years old now I’ve been doing drag almost 9 years and let me just say it’s been one of the most important things in my life it’s changed me in a way that I cherish love and appreciate myself even more than I thought I could ever. This isn’t just what I do it’s who I am and I love it. I’ve been in the beauty industry pretty much my whole life doing Makeup and hair now with experience I also make wigs and can stitch up any outfit.

ChibiCon Show : Where Cosplay Meets Drag

PRIDE Block Party

ChibiCon as we like to call it in short, started back in January 2015. “Chibi” means small(er)/tiny version of something in Japanese and “Con” is a common abbreviation for conventions. We have performed at over 20 different venues, some which were private events, through New England and in New York. This year ChibiCon will be performing acts from our “Anime” tour including our popular Sailor Moon Group performance. ChibiCon also continues to donate their time and give back to the community by volunteering at my fundraisers and doing free events for youth.

Dolores Dégagé

PRIDE Block Party

Dolores Dégagé is excited to perform for PRIDE New Haven 2019!! She is proud to serve as a Co-Chair of Bridgeport PRIDE with Ricky Mestre & Suzanne Kachmar of City Lights Gallery and as MC for the Annual SAMESEX Variety Show and are currently in the planning stages for the 10th Anniversary of Bridgeport PRIDE 2020. Dolores Dégagé / Kenn Hopkins continue keeping the memories of Sassie Saltimboca alive with the annual Scholarship Fundraiser event “Vaudeville FROLIC” scheduled this year November 10th at the Bijou Theatre. This years beneficiaries are City Lights Gallery & Bridgeport PRIDE 2020. Dolores Dégagé can be found the 4th Sunday of every month hosting the “TropiGay La-La” Drag Brunch at Soul de Cuba Cafe downtown New Haven. As a photographer her works may be viewed on her Facebook pages Dragtographer or on Kenn Hopkins Photographer.


LGBTQ+ College Social and PRIDE Block Party

Flaminia Fagiolina is a bubbly bombshell with bright colors, big hair, and bold fashion statements. Flaminia has a strong background in acting, and brings theatricality to everything she does. She lives in West Hartford, but loves performing all over the place! You can find her on instagram @Flaminia69.

Xiomarie LaBeija

LGBTQ+ College Social and PRIDE Block Party

Xiomarie LaBeija is known as Connecticut’s Plus Size Dancing Diva! She performs throughout New England. Between performances, pageants, mentoring, modeling, and private bookings, Xiomarie is well known throughout the community. You can follow her at for updates and merch!

Mz. October May Lay

PRIDE Block Party and PRIDE After Party

Mz. October May Lay is a Hartford native drag performer. The Current reigning Miss Chez Est. 2019 Mz. October is ready to shake up the scene with her unapologetic blackness.

Ruby Redd Moonchild

PRIDE Block Party

Ruby is a 16 year old queen from Hamden, CT, with her debut performance being 4 months ago at Pride Prom, she is very excited to celebrate pride along with a bunch of talented performers, including her drag mother, Rarity Moonchild. Outside of drag you can find Ruby complaining about her job and crying to Lana Del Rey songs…

Giganta Smalls

PRIDE Block Party

Giganta Smalls is the anime space babe that the world needs. Delivering over the top humor and cartoonish looks, she reminds us to face the world with a smile and that we are stronger together. A wise man once said “with great drag comes great responsibility”, or something like that, and Giganta is certainly delivering! Keep up with her adventures at

Kadijah Tragedia Vain

PRIDE Block Party

Caribbean Queen with a bubbly personality, that loves to perform! I’m here to show off, dance, and entertain!! And remember! “ If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” – Ru Paul #GetintoIt

Mia E Z’Lay

Gay New Haven Pageant and PRIDE Block Party

If you’re looking for a campy, weird, and colorful queen who can fit into a size 2 than you’ve come to the wrong place. Mia E Z’Lay has it all. Comedy, Personality, Sewing skills, a variety of physical injuries, and a lot of overdue parking tickets. Mia can be found around New England doing what she loves most, performing and getting lost because her GPS doesn’t work and she refuses to ask for directions. Catch her on Instagram @miaezlay and other various social media sites she has lost the passwords to! 

Frizzie Borden

PRIDE Block Party and Drag Queen Story Hour

Frizzie Borden is an AFAB queen who mixes her two favorite genres, comedy and horror, into her own little blend of creepy camp.

Frankie Cyanide

PRIDE Block Party

Raised by literal clowns, Frankie Cyanide doesn’t know the meaning of “normal” and stopped trying to figure it out ages ago. Out of Stamford, Frankie regularly performs as a king and a queen… but regardless of presentation, you can rest assured that they’re still a drag! @FrankieMCyanide on Instagram.

Sparkle A. Diamond

PRIDE Block Party and PRIDE After PArty

Sparkle A. Diamond was created in May 2006 by Kishorn C Henry-Walker. Sparkle, or Sparky, as her friends call her, lives by the motto, “leave a little Sparkle everywhere you go”. Sparkle hails originally from St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands. Sparkle held a few titles over the years including the coveted Ms. East Coast International Newcomer, Ms. Leons, and Queen of Pride of Baltimore. Sparkle now resides in Bridgeport, CT with her husband, Aharon, and family. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, sewing, small home improvement projects, entertaining friends and cooking delicious meals and makeup artistry…just to name a few! Sparkle’s advice to the rest of the world is to always LIVE, you may regret it later in life or you may not even live to tell the tale!

Rory Roux Heart

PRIDE Block Party, PRIDE After Party, and Drag Queen Story Hour

Rory is a CT based queen who’s been doing drag for about two years now. You can catch her performing anything from ballads, dance numbers, to comedic mixes in the New Haven and Hartford areas. New Haven Pride hold a very special place in her heart, and she’s so excited to be performing this year.

Laiylah Alf Wa Laiylah

PRIDE Block Party

I wanted a drag name that’s black and beautiful / exotic and regal, something people/are familiar with/A splash of camp; a dash of pith /“Alf Laiylah Wa Laiylah: 1001 Nights .Can’t do a Xena-esque ululation like Bedouin women? Serenade me on bended knee like Eric Clapton/

Monica Inita Sign Monroe

PRIDE Block Party

Monica is a drag queen from Western Mass. She got her start last Fall in Holyoke at D’oeuvres Court Drag Competition. Since then, she has performed in many drag competitions and shows including Noho Pride 2019. You can find her including sign language in her performances.

Angel Rivers

PRIDE Block Party

A stupid bitch at heart & pretty bitch by trade Angel Rivers is always here to serve you L O O K S honey! Crafted to be the perfect blend of supermodel meets lawsuit video game hoe, she loves to use her sensuality for good on any stage she steps on. Raised by the night, her dark, slightly abrasive & utterly stupid humor might just leave you speechless (oh my god did she really just say that?) I’m not offended.

Natasha Starr

PRIDE Block Party

Ladies and gentlemen she is a dancing queen & a Latina diva that always turns the party! Natasha Starr is a StarOnTheRise that has been working in the drag industry for 8 years. You can subscribe to her Youtube Channel #starontherise, follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Lucia Virginity

PRIDE Block Party

Audiences may recognize Lucia from her appearances throughout Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Based in the New Haven area, Lucia began performing in 2007, marking 12 years in the business, supporting and attending charity events, and served as Lucia Empress XVIII of the Imperial Court of All Connecticut.

Tiana Rose Maxim

LGBTQ+ College Social and PRIDE After Party

My name is Tiana Maxim Rose, I’m a 28 year old trans showgirl based out of New Haven, Connecticut. I am originally from upstate New York but am so glad to be here in New Haven. I have spent the last 8 years making a name for myself as the queen with no pants, and I’m your host for the PRIDE After Party for the 3rd year in a row. It’s an honor and I hope you will enjoy yourself this weekend! Be proud be happy! HAPPY PRIDE