Drag Performances

Jada Bee

PRIDE Block Party and PRIDE After Party, Saturday September 15

Jada Bee is 44 year old and from Baltimore, Maryland. She has been doing the art of female impersonation for 23 years. Jade Bee has won many titles including Miss Maryland New Comer, Miss Gay Baltimore Maryland America, 1st Alt to Miss Gay Maryland USofA. Jade holds the title of Miss DC Pride of America and also is the potomer for Mr & Miss Vogue Pageantry and also promoter for Mr and Miss Leon’s Pageant. Jada Bee is one Entertainer that will leave you wanting more.

Selena DuSoileil

PRIDE Block Party and PRIDE After Party, Saturday September 15

Selena DuSoileil- CTs self proclaimed skinny legend returns for a 3rd voyage through Escapade! After 4 years of creating the fantasy the passion has only multiplied. Back and revamped, take in some confounding talents and enjoy being captivated by the illusions to come!

Aaliyah Fiercex

PRIDE Block Party, Saturday September 15

Hello my name is Aaliyah Fiercex and I’m Here to show people I still got it. I’m 21 and I’m Puerto Rican.

Sylvia Heart

PRIDE Block Party: Sat. September 15

“Started from the bottom now I’m here.” Sylvia Heart is self-proclaimed and publicly known as CT’s OG Barbie. She’s been in the game more than a minute and has earned her stripes. Golden rule goes far so be kind and respect each other. She is a newly found Pageant producer of the New Haven Mr & Mrs Pride Pageant and the creator of Hearty Brunch @ 116 Crown, which is the 3rd Sunday of every month. Wishing everyone a very happy pride! And remember, in life you need a great a** and a good pair of lashes.

Tiana Maxim Rose

PRIDE Drag Brunch, Saturday September 15

My name is Tiana Maxim Rose, I’m a 27 year old trans showgirl based out of New Haven CT. I am originally from Upstate NY but am so glad to be here in New Haven, CT. I have spent the last 7 years making a name for myself as the queen with no pants and I’m your host for the night time show for a second year!  It’s an honor and i hope you all enjoy yourself this weekend! Be proud be happy!! HAPPY PRIDE!

Lotus Qween

PRIDE After Party, Saturday September 15

Lotus Qween is a gender bending queer dumpster fire (aka; a good time). She thrives with crazy, weird and funny performance art with zany mixes and characters.

Giganta Smalls

PRIDE Block Party: Sat. September 15

Giganta Smalls is an intergalactic anime space babe here to bring her quirky comedy stylings to the New England drag community and then the world! Normally gracing the stage in Hartford, she is more than grateful to bring her bug eyed glamour to New Haven. For booking information, please visit www.gigantasmalls.com

Mia E Z’Lay

PRIDE Block Party: Sat. September 15

If you’re looking for a comedic and glamorous queen who can fit into a size 10 than you’ve come to the wrong place. Mia E Z’Lay has it all. Comedy, Personality, Sewing skills, and a lot of overdue parking tickets. You can find Mia on instagram @miaezlay

Karelys Bleau

PRIDE Block Party and PRIDE After Party, Saturday September 15

Karelys Bleau, with curves to kill and made straight outta punching bags, is a New Yorker who moved to New Haven as a kid. I started drag 7 years ago, but have been in the hair and beauty industry since I was 12. Now at 27, I find drag is her getaway, my outlet, my vacation from everyday life. I’m a celebrity when Karelys comes out, I forget all the stresses and really get to be as glamorous, fabulous, and expressive. I get the chance to embody what I see as my inner Amazon. I’m not perfect and I’m always learning new things, but with practice and a little patience anything is possible. You just have to stay true to you, and enjoy the ride.

Miss Danie`l Essence

PRIDE Block Party and PRIDE After Party, Saturday September 15

Miss Danie`l Essence has been performing and entertaining crowds for 10 years strong and shows no sign of slowing down. She is a member of The Imperial Court of Western Mass, a member of the First Royal Drag Family of Maryland, the Producer of Mr & Miss Gay Connecticut Pageant, the producer of the Mr Gay New England & New England Puppy Contest and Founder of Rainbow Illusion Entertainment. She is one performer that will give her all and leave you wanting more.

Casey Fitzpatrick

PRIDE Block Party and PRIDE After Party, Saturday September 15

She’s beauty, she’s grace but she doesn’t want to be Ms. United States. I’m Casey Fitzpatrick. I’m very honored to be back in New Haven and a part of Pride. Florida was fun, but Connecticut is my home. Have a safe Pride everyone!

Xiomarie LaBeija

PRIDE Block Party, Saturday September 15 and PRIDE Drag Brunch, Sunday September 16

Xiomarie LaBeija is known as Connecticut’s Plus Size Dancing Diva. She performs throughout the New England area. Between performances, pageants, mentoring, modeling, and private bookings, Xiomarie is well known throughout the community working with many lgbtq+ organizations. She has taken her career further and has many new upcoming oppurtunities in the work. You can follow her on xiomarielabeija.com for updates and merch.

Rarity Moonchild

PRIDE Block Party, Saturday September 15

Rarity Moonchild is a drag queen best known for her high energy performances and fierce looks; custom made costumes and hair. Rarity is the reigning Miss Gay Connecticut and has also won competitions such as DragWars at Pieces Bar in NYC and Chez Queen in Hartford.  In addition to performing, Rarity enjoys helping in her community and is an animal rights advocate. For more information visit www.raritymoonchild.com

Rory Roux Heart

PRIDE Block Party, Saturday September 15

Rory Roux Heart is a newer queen to the New Haven drag scene, but certainly not new to appreciating and supporting this incredible art form. She appeared in Escapade as a dancer last October and returned in June for their performance at the International Festival of Arts and Ideas. Since then, she has performed in other various local shows and continues to try to be as visible as possible as a queer woman who does drag. Besides being a queen, Rory (aka Mimi Zschack) is a principal dancer with New England Ballet Company and teaches dance there as well as New England Dance Arts.

Lucia Virginity

PRIDE Block Party, Saturday September 15 and PRIDE Drag Brunch Sunday September 16

Lucia Virginity, a New Haven-Based drag queen who has been active in the State of Connecticut since April 2007. With 11 years of experience, she has stunned audiences with her beauty & upbeat bright personality. She has also performed/attended/supported at countless events & also as a member of the ISCofAllCT, she has donated a lot of her time for charity to better the community of CT and surrounding states of NY, MA, & RI.

Sparkle Diamond

PRIDE Block Party: Sat. September 15

Sparkle A. Diamond was created in May 2006 by Kishorn Henry. Sparkle, or Sparky, hails originally from St. Thomas, United States Virgin Islands. Her career in HR has required her to live and work in cities such as Baltimore/Washington DC, Philadelphia, NYC, and New Haven. Sparkle held a few titles including the coveted Ms. East Coast International Newcomer, Ms. Leons, and Queen of Pride Baltimore. Sparkle now resides in Bridgeport, CT with husband, Aharon, and family. In her spare time she enjoys gardening, sewing, small home improvement projects, entertaining friends and cooking delicious meals…just to name a few!

Dr. Cool Ethan

PRIDE Block Party, Saturday September 15

Dr. Cool Ethan is super excited celebrate his first New Haven Pride! A recent transplant from Columbus, OH, Dr. CE has been performing for over a decade. His credits include multiple solo events and projects around the globe, show directing and producing the country’s longest running Drag King troupe: The Royal Renegades, and a myriad of mainstage shows with The West Family lead by Virginia and Nina West at Axis Nightclub. In addition to his work on stage, he is also featured as one of 6 storylines in the recent documentary: Kings, Queens, and Inbetweens.

Blue Gene

PRIDE Block Party, Saturday September 15

Bio coming soon.

Harlette LeFleur

PRIDE Block Party, Saturday September 15

Born and raised in Connecticut, Harlette has been performing across the state for the last 12 years. With a unique blend of fashion, eccentricity, and a sadistic sense of humor, Harlette is excited to be making her Pride New Haven premiere.

Summer Orlando

PRIDE Block Party, Saturday September 15

Summer Orlando is CT’s Premier Theater Drag Queen. Known for her Broadway costumes, showstopping performances and live singing, Summer is the first male actor to play the role of Dorothy in a licensed production of the Wizard of Oz in the world and has her own Theatrical Production Company: Summer Orlando Productions. You can catch Summer at her monthly show The Boozy Barbra Broadway Bash. You can find her on Instagram: misssummerorlando or at Summerorlandoproductions.com.

Madison Sapphire Duchannes

PRIDE After Party, Saturday September 15

Madison Sapphire Duchannes is Connecticut’s Louisiana native and monthly show runner at Partner’s café in New Haven.  She started performing while getting her first college degree here then went to upstate New York for finish her second and is now and Electrical Design Engineer. Her focuses are her Career, Fitness, and Charity work with the Imperial Sovern Court of Connecticut. She’s the mouth from the south with arms to back it up, and one of our performance powerhouses.

Alf Laiylah Wa Laiylah

PRIDE Block Party, Saturday September 15

My first regnal stage name was Ambrosia “Oh! I get it – like the fruit salad… hahahaha?!” Pause. Force a polite but genuine smile and reply “The food of the gods.” Spoken with a furtive sign. Next I decided my drag name should be black and beautiful, exotic and regal, something people/are more familiar with? Enter: Laiylah (Night). Adding a dab more, it became campy with a touch of pith “Alf Laiylah Wa Laiylah”: the stories of Scheherazade, baby. “Alf from the NBC sitcom circa the 80’s, that hairy cat?!” Not cute. Don’t try it. ‘Cause it won’t fit in. Can’t do a Xena-esque ululation like a clan of Bedouin women? Then serenade me on bended knee like Eric Clapton.

Cast of ChibiCon: The Traveling Cosplay Show!

Veronica Bow

PRIDE Block Party: Sat. September 15

Veronica’s style is a mix of old school and top 40 music; she also loves doing gospel music. Veronica spends a lot of her time doing charity and many non-profit events. In 2015, Veronica became the first Ms. Gay Western Mass. Veronica loves playing video games and has a strong video game background knowledge. She loves going to Anime, Video Games and Comic Conventions. In 2017, Veronica became the fourth and current Ms. Northampton. She dreams of traveling the world and perform in drag as her main job.

Instagram: bowveronica

Tito Midnight

PRIDE Block Party: Sat. September 15

Ramón Albizu aka Tito Midnight during the day is an Assistant Branch Manager for Citizens Bank. Tito very creative and has learn to design and sew, construct armor for garments and extravagant looks and recently learned to make jewelry. He is currently the president of the Imperial Court of Western Mass, Inc a 501c3 non-profit organization that has raised thousands of dollars for many organizations in the Western Mass region. Tito has always been interested in creating garments but decided to work on outfits when his fiancé Serenity Lockhart started doing drag in 2012. Although it was always a passion for him, Serenity definitely served as his muse and really helped him start. Since then, Tito has worked with multiple drag queens and is known for his fashion forward and well finished garments. You can see most of his work on Serenity Lockhart’s portfolio as well as on the ChibiCon cast. He has also made Cosplay outfits for and has traveled all over the states to attend many Anime, Video Games and Comic Conventions. He has also participated in many cosplay competitions with his fiancé Serenity Lockhart as part of “Serene Midnight Cosplay” winning multiple awards. Tito has been producing successful shows in Western Mass and Hartford, CT for over 6 years. His Dream is to bring ChibiCon to conventions and other venues not just in the New England area but all over the USA as well as to produce a convention in the Springfield area.

Instagram: hausofmidnight

Serenity Lockhart

PRIDE Block Party: Sat. September 15

Serenity Lockhart started doing drag as part of the local non-profit organization “The Imperial Court of Western MA” in 2012. Serenity draws a lot of inspiration from anime, video games and comics and she is mostly self-taught when it comes to hair and make-up. Her make-up skills and special effects are extraordinary. She has competed at many drag competitions, as well as Anime, Video Games and Comic Conventions with her fiancé Tito Midnight as part of “Serene Midnight Cosplay” winning multiple awards. In 2013 she was crowned the first Ms. Northampton. She is known for her big personality, incredible charisma, extravagant and out of this world looks. Serenity has also organized plenty of events; including fundraisers to give back to the community. Although she has been doing drag for about 6 years, she has never stopped and been doing it constantly averaging 4-5 shows a month. She dreams of bringing ChibiCon to conventions all over the USA as well as becoming the top Cosplay Drag Queen in the world.

Instagram: danny_serenity

Ruby Monroe

PRIDE Block Party: Sat. September 15

Ruby started doing drag several years ago as Ruby Babii. Ruby is the most experienced in our group and has many different styles but is mostly known for her Latinness. Over time she changed her name to Ruby Monroe. Ruby has amazing dancing skills, lots of energy and gives an awesome crowd interaction. Like Serenity she doesn’t have a drag mother and most of her skills are self-taught. Ruby is also known for competing and winning several competitions. In 2015, she became the third Ms. Northampton. Ruby is also the second and current Ms. Gay Western Mass. Originally Ruby wasn’t familiar with anime, video games and comic conventions, however traveling with ChibiCon has given her the opportunity to be more familiar with them as well as make many new friends in the cosplay community. She dreams about having her own dancing studio as well as owning her own club.

Instagram: ms.rubymonroe

Tytannia Lockhart

PRIDE Block Party: Sat. September 15

Tytannia started doing drag as Lolita Loveless in 2010. After a year of working together, she became Serenity’s and Tito’s drag daughter, renaming herself Tytannia L. (Loveless) Lockhart. She likes anime, video games, theatre and art. Tytannia has a degree in Theater and has participated in multiple plays. She also likes anime, video games and comics conventions. Like her drag mother Serenity, she has performed at many of “The Imperial Court of Western MA” events as well as many different drag competitions. In 2014 she was crowned the second Ms. Northampton. She always uses props and loves creating over the top standees for her performances. She dreams of bringing comedic performances to audiences across the USA.

Instagram: tytannialockhart

Erynn Rocabich

PRIDE Block Party: Sat. September 15

Erynn started doing drag in 2013. In her earlier years she performed at many of “The Imperial Court of Western MA” events. Later she became the figure head from July 2014 to July 2015 along with Tito. Erynn became most active with “Serenity’s Chibi-Con Cosplay Nights!” shows. Most people don’t realize but Erynn has an extensive music knowledge.  She can also sing live. Her performances could be anywhere from comedic, to dramatic to quirky and occasionally sings live. She dreams of traveling and performing at Anime, Video Games and Comic Conventions across the USA and beyond.

Instagram: erynn_rocabich