Musical Performers

Ephraim Adamz

PRIDE Block Party: Sat. September 15

Ephraim Adamz is an American nightclub DJ turned Pop Performer. From your local skating rink to your iPhone speaker, he’s done it all! Find his album “Innocent” on Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify!

Chief Acid Officer

PRIDE Block Party: Sat. September 15

Chief Acid Officer is Zachary Hollback, an electronic musician from suburban Connecticut by way of Chicago and Atlanta. Zachary has been performing live hardware-only sets of machine music since 2001, focusing on the acid house that he grew up with in the 1980s. His sets are a love letter to the classic energy of house music and the sound of the 303, peppered with experimentation, improvisation, and elements of modern electronic music.

Jai International

PRIDE Block Party: Sat. September 15

Jesus Rosa also known as Jai International is a Community Leader, HIV Activist, Poet, Rapper and Creative Director. Jai currently is a Program Supervisor for clients that battle with Mental Health. He is finishing up his last semester at Springfield College in the hopes of obtaining a Bachlors Degree In Science. Through every tribulation Jai has found a love for writing, preforming and giving back to his community. He finds writing to be his outlet to his tribulations and the disparities of what surrounds him. Currently Jai holds the title of High Emperor Emeritus of The Imperial Court of Western Mass. On his free time Jai likes to donate his time and services to his community by hosting community events, guest speaking and preforming his poetry. Jai also has released 4 songs on all music outlets and had managed to win best Music Video at the film Festival in  MA and Vegas.


PRIDE Block Party: Sat. September 15

Luminous is an American songwriter and producer that engages audiences with his universal sound. From feel-good rhythms of old school R&B and island flavored rhythms combined with today’s pop content, audiences will find themselves up and dancing while singing along to catchy hooks all created by Luminous.


PRIDE Block Party: Sat. September 15

Blending his songwriting sensibility with a hybrid sound of pop, R&B, and EDM, PRIMME’s music has people dancing from coast to coast. As a singer-songwriter and producer, PRIMME aims to bring storytelling back to mainstream pop – masterfully crafting accessible lyrics into infectious hooks. Since the release of his debut EP, PRIMME has been carving out his own piece of the pop landscape, hoping to empower and bring people together through music. // @PRIMMEmusic

Sister Funk

PRIDE Block Party: Sat. September 15

Sister Funk (AKA Run Jenny) is a 5-piece high energy, hard rocking original/cover band from New England who for the past 16 years has been sharing stages with chart-topping headliners at some of the national largest events. Their diverse catalog of music and interactive stage performance is a perfect combination for any age event. Find all the interesting facts, band photos, live and concept videos, music, media and tour schedule at

Sorcia Warhol

PRIDE After Party: Sat. September 15

Sorcia Warhol is a mystic from planet Earth. Sorcia’s interest in the Arts is as physical and sensory means to metaphysical and extrasensory states that catalyze the evolution of human consciousness. This is Sorcia’s third appearance in an Escapade production.

Carrie Ashton

PRIDE Tea Dance: Sun. September 16

Carrie Ashton’s passion for music has been long standing; she began performing at the age of thirteen and never looked back. For almost 20 years Carrie has been performing and perfecting a stage show that is unpretentious and captivating. She is currently performing solo acoustic as well as with her band, and travels throughout New England and the east coast. Carrie has shared the stage with Natalie Merchant, the Go-Go’s, REO Speedwagon, Antigone Rising, Van Zant and Lucinda Williams. She has an innate ability to read the crowd and move them with her unique style and charisma, and her energy on stage is hard to ignore.

Armed with new songs and a bit of a new sound, she went back to The Groove Room to record the much anticipated follow up to “truth is.” Her newest release is titled “Invincible”, and Carrie states, “I feel like I’m going back to my roots a little more on this record. Though I’m New England born and raised, there has always been a part of me…something pulling me towards the real, heartfelt lyrics and sound of Country/Americana music. This record definitely reflects that.”

Vange Durst

PRIDE Tea Party: Sun. September 16

Bio coming soon. 

Myles Jeh

PRIDE Block Party: Sat. September 15

Myles Jeh is an artist from Springfield, Massachusetts who is growing his reputation as a singer/rapper. He connected with music at an early age and became known for his low tone, and laid-back, but thoughtful lyrics. His latest album “TWENTY-8” is now available. To find out more about Myles Jeh, visit his official site

Anastasia Mirage

PRIDE Block Party: Sat. September 15

Hello my name is Anastasia. I am Trans and I love to express myself through the art of music & drag. I think the best thing to do in life is not hold back and being a artist truly makes me feel so free. Check out my instagram: @warningitsanastasia for pictures, events & music.

The One Night Stand Band with Suzanne Sheridan

PRIDE Tea Dance: Sun. September 16

Sheridan is well known to audiences for her performances at Voices Café, the Coffeehouse at the Wheelers’ series, and her much touted tribute concerts. This time she is pulling out rock legends like “Pretty Woman,” “Lay Down Sally,” “Maybelline,” “Devil with the Blue Dress,” and many more. She will be joined by her incomparable band with Bob Cooper on keyboards, Vange Durst on lead guitar, Jake Habegger on drums, and Joe Meo on sax.

Radio Stevie

PRIDE After Party: Sat. September 15

Radio Stevie is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer. His style is a mix of pop, hip-hop and dance music. While living in Brazil, he released his debut EP “Rap Queen” on Up Style Records. The EP featured the single, “Yas Queen” which has surpassed over 10,000 plays worldwide. He followed with singles such as “Hands Up!” and “KILLER.” His energetic and empowering lyrics are guaranteed to get any party started!


PRIDE Block Party: Sat. September 15

Pop singer-songwriter Akira is best known for his catchy melodies and loud voice. Set to a blend of piano and synthetic driven tones, he looks to bring his own brand of pop music to CT and beyond. With the release of his debut EP “Autotune + Heart” in 2017, he is poised to do just that. Delivering an exclusive performance, he is excited and ready to take the stage! Visit to learn more.

Nikki Exotika

PRIDE Block Party & After Party: Sat. September 15

Nikki Exotika is a Trans Pop Superstar from the NYC area that has performed all over the world, with her backup dancers, just imagine… the Trans Erika Jayne meets Britney Spears. She has been coined the name the “Million Dollar Barbie” in the NY Post, Daily Mail and in many other publications in other countries and has appeared in movies, TV, and talk shows in the USA and Europe like “This Morning,” “Barcroft TV,” “Explosiv RTL,” “Jerseylicious,” “Trantasia,” and “Vamp Bikers Tres.”
She is the mastermind and founder of America’s 1st Trans Pop Group, SECRET GIRLS.
She has a wide range of variety with her music, some songs very inspirational and LGBTQ friendly like “Secret Girl” and “Young Wild and Free.” She has sexy lyrics, hot dance beats and a great set list of 10 songs already recorded! She knows how to get the crowd excited and has high energy! Last year she performed on a NYC trans float, at Pittsburgh Pride, Madrid World Pride, Mykonos Pride, Barcelona Pride and Amsterdam Pride! She has a new EP, called “Sweat” with 4 new songs along with her 2 previous hits “All Lined Up “ and “YWF” which did really well on VEVO and hit almost 1M views. She is ready to take the stage for PRIDE and give an amazing show!

Sara Longo

PRIDE Block Party: Sat. September 15
This will be Sara Longo’s Pride New Haven debut and she is very excited and humbled to be a part of such an amazing community event. She has been singing for most of her life but has just began performing for larger crowds in the New Haven area. She has recently performed with Barbra Joan Streetsand and Summer Orlando in the Boozy Barbra Broadway Bash as well as Cancer is a Drag at 168 York Street Cafe. She will be performing with Barbra and Summer again in the near future so keep your eye out for her! Sing along with her and bring lots of energy. She can’t wait to see you all at New Haven Pride!

Taija New

PRIDE After Party: Sat. September 15

Taija New, a.k.a. the Newbian King, is an all-around Hip Hop entertainer from Massachusetts. In 2016 Taija embarked on a short tour called “The Pride Tour” where she performed at three Pride Festivals in the U.S. In November 2017 New released her highly anticipated sophomore album “Heart on the Stage”. This was followed up by her very own YouTube Series “The Newbian King Show”. For more information please visit


PRIDE Block Party: Sat. September 15
Sinthea has been playing music for over 30 years in all genres with a passion for classic rock.  When she is not performing live she spends her time writing and recording her own music.  She loves to play music and enjoys collaborating with other musicians.

Sev7en Taylor

PRIDE After Party: Sat. September 15

Sev7en Taylor is 23 years old, born and raised in New Haven, CT. He is always looking to get his artistic views across. He penned 3 novels and recorded two mixtapes and one ground breaking debut album. As Sev7en rises to the top he re-writes history of being an out rapper. His incredible skills as an MC silences a loud room as he spits witty punchlines with a deep flow.