Robin Banks

Host of the PRIDE Comedy Brunch

Robin Banks is the product of a one-night stand between a Carnival Barker and a Lucille Ball impersonator. Ms. Banks is one of New Haven’s most entertaining drag queens whose dedicated fan base continues to grow at an impressive, uncontrollable rate. Ms. Banks, a valued member of the New Haven community, which she is proud to call home, hosts a popular and entertaining drag show that is of the highest quality. As Ms. Banks says; “I host a Drag Show of the highest quality you can get with man in panty-hose and lipstick.” This is Ms. Bank’s forth time hosting during PRIDE New Haven.

Karen Josephine Bertini

Host of the PRIDE After Party

Karen Josephine Bertini is a CT native, born and raised right here in New Haven. She has lived in California and Florida, but is now back here to stay. Currently a freelance makeup artist, hairstylist and devoted mom to her Gotham Citi Children, Karen has also been on the the Entertainment Committee Chair for PRIDE New Haven for the last 5 years. As a proud LGBT advocate and transwoman herself she has also lead our  float in the NYC pride parade. You may have seen her as “Wonder Woman” or “Queen of the Enchanted Forest”.

Sylvia Heart

Host of the Mr and Miss Gay New Haven Pageant and the PRIDE Drag Brunch

“Started from the bottom now I’m here.” Sylvia Heart is self-proclaimed and publicly known as CT’s OG Barbie. She’s been in the game more than a minute and has earned her stripes. Golden rule goes far so be kind and respect each other. She is a newly found Pageant producer of the New Haven Mr & Mrs Pride Pageant and the Creator of Hearty Brunch @ 116 Crown, which is the 3rd Sunday of every month. WISHING EVERYONE a very happy pride! And remember, in life you need a great a** and a good pair of lashes.

Miz Destiny Nations

Host of the PRIDE Block Party

I, Miz Destiny Nations, starting doing drag in 2011 when I won the Drag Wars Contest at the Polo Club in Hartford, CT. From the moment I walked on that stage I knew that this was what I wanted to do. I come from the Legendary House of Nations where I constantly get my motivation and support to continue my passion. I get a lot of my inspiration from each of my Nations family and turn it into my own. I do what I do not only for the passion I have for it but also as a role model for today’s gay youth. Nothing makes me more happy than to know that the younger generation not only looks up to me as a performer but also someone to come to for advice and guidance.

Tiana Maxim Rose

Host of the PRIDE After Party

My name is Tiana Maxim Rose, I’m a 27 year old trans showgirl based out of New Haven CT. I am originally from Upstate NY but am so glad to be here in New Haven, CT. I have spent the last 7 years making a name for myself as the queen with no pants and I’m your host for the night time show for a second year!  It’s an honor and i hope you all enjoy yourself this weekend! Be proud be happy!! HAPPY PRIDE!

Barbra Joan Streetsand

Host of the PRIDE Block Party

Barbra Joan Streetsand is humbly honored to be hosting the New Haven PRIDE Block Party for the second year in a row. She has been impersonating Barbra Streisand and other celebrities since Jesus Christ’s Bar Mitzvah and has been going strong ever since! She cohosts her own show with Summer Orlando, called the Boozy Barbra Broadway Bash, and cohosted Naugatuck PRIDE this past June. She also performs throughout New England and New York City. She cannot WAIT to see you all at New Haven PRIDE this year!