Virtual Programming

Virtual Programming

The New Haven Pride Center is here to create community even when we can’t share space!

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic the New Haven Pride Center will continue to create engaging online content for members of the LGBTQ+ community of New Haven and beyond. This includes resource sharing, self-care tips, Drag Artist Story Hours, an LGBTQ+ colouring book, virtual art tours and more!

Please take our community needs assessment survey! The LGBTQ+ Community Needs Assessment Survey is a collaboration between the New Haven Pride Center, the Hartford Gay & Lesbian Health Collective, True Colors, and OutCT to ensure that we are focusing our funding and work where the community needs it the most.

We are dividing this work into three categories for your convenience :

  • Virtual Activities & Events – click here for more info
  • Virtual Self-Care & Support Services – click here for more info
  • COVID-19 Resources – click here for more info

To stay fully up-to-date on everything we are doing during COVID-19, join our mailing list and get our weekly check-in e-mails. During this break in in-person programming, most of our groups will continue to meet & check in.

Thank you for being a part of creating a safe and supportive virtual community!

The staff of the New Haven Pride Center
Patrick, Juancarlos, Maia, Laura, Ala, Miranda, Max and Vu

The New Haven Pride Center Staff Is Here For You

The COVID-19 pandemic have been incredibly validating on how important our work is. The staff here at the Center has risen above and beyond their roles to make sure that our organization is not just surviving during these times, but thriving.

Please check out all of the information and resources included on this and related pages. If you would like to contact any of our individual staff members please click here for their contact info.

Virtual Events & Activities

Since mid-March when it became evident that the world was going to change, the Center’s staff has rallied around the idea of virtual programming. In our first round of events, we launched a virtual LGBTQ+ colouring book, gathered drag artists to pre-record a series of drag artist story hours in partnership with People Get Ready Books, released a virtual tour of Jaii Marc Renee’s A Queer Black Voice on Canvas, and kicked off a Queerflix & Chill program using Netflix Party. In early April, we presented 9 “performances” of Daisies on Harlem’s Doorstep, a virtual theatre performance created by local playwright Sharece M. Sellem.

As we have settled into the virtual programming world, our Program Officers, whose work centers LGBTQ+ youth, women, and Latinx communities, have been working overtime to create new virtual events and activities which will be launched in April. This is all being done in a way that ensures we are moving forward with programs that are not just a response to the immediate change in the world, but will sustain meaningful connections if social distancing lasts through the summer. These new programs include a series of conversations and panels with thought leaders from throughout Connecticut, Latinx community dialogues and virtual organizing meetings, book clubs, online cooking programs, a LGBTQ+ youth focused podcast, self-care programming, and more!

Virtual Self-Care & Support Services

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the New Haven Pride Center has prioritized making sure that our support programs and case management services have had no interruption. We have further ensured that our transition to virtual service has also been seamless. Thanks to the dedication of the staff and our early investment in online tools the Center is excited to be able to continue to offer support programs and case management services regardless of how long social distancing lasts.

Do you need a warm line? Call or text the New Haven Pride Center Warm line at 203.951.9662 (English / Español). 

Our whole staff has been tasked with actively participating in support programming. Together we have created self-care materials, infographs – including one for parents to talk to their children about COVID-19, and collected resources that we update daily.