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About Case Management & Support Services

The New Haven Pride Center’s Case Management and Support Services programming seeks to ensure that all LGBTQ+ individuals have the secure housing, access to food, stable employment, legal assistance, health equity, and community support that they may need to thrive.

We recognize that navigating services and systems can be complicated, which is where our case management can support you as you get through life’s little hiccups and keep you from becoming overwhelmed by systems that can be unnecessarily complex. Our programs also include a variety of peer-led support and social groups for different identities under the LGBTQ+ umbrella, health and wellness activities, and many other opportunities aimed to give you the resources you need.


The New Haven Pride Center’s Support Services includes :
  • in-person and tele-Case Management
  • a myriad of Support & Social Groups throughout the month
  • our Community Closet of free clothing
  • our Food Pantry of free nonperishable food
  • our Health & Wellness programming
  • our Virtual Resource Center
Meet the Support Services Team
Freddie Swindal _ Circle
Freddie Swindal (they/them)

Manager of Support Services & Case Management
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Our Case Management & Support Services Programming is made possible with support from :