Hosts & Entertainment

Over the years, in addition to honoring fabulous members of the community though the awarding of the Dorothy Awards, the Awards Dinner has also been a source of elevating the voice and performance style of different members of our community. Our range of hosts and performers have included national title holders, past and current honorees, activists, drag artists, comedians, and more!

Meet Our Hosts

Kiki Lucia

Kiki Lucia, Connecticut’s own queen of mean, is a New Haven-based drag performance artist and advocate with a vast training and performance background that includes multiple disciplines. Kiki is teh host of and runs multiple shows around the state including her signature show “Let’s Have a Kiki” at Chez Est, Partners Cafe, and Trevi Lounge and “Kiki & the Banks” at 168 York Street Cafe. Performing in drag anywhere from once to four times a week, Kiki advocates on behalf of the community through her performances and by committing much of her time to charity. You can find her on social media @misskikilucia or online at misskikilucia.com.

Joshua O’Connell

Joshua is the New Haven Pride Center’s Board Co-President and the Dorothy Awards Co-Chair. He started volunteering with the Center in 2006 and joined the board in 2007. For many years he served as the lead facilitator for GLANCE, a group focused on 18-28 year olds at the Center. During his time on the board he has served as co-president for nearly eight years, and has been a Dorothy Awards co-chair for almost 15 years. He was also the board member that lead the Center’s transition from all-volunteer to a staffed organization in 2017. Today he runs the Center’s Board & Card Games social group, acts as the editor-in-chief of Centerline Magazine and helps with the Center’s Bi+ programming initiatives. By day, he works at an ecommerce technology start-up.

Jean Michael Coronado

Jean Michael is a model and content creator from Southeastern Connecticut. He’s passionate about art, fashion, marketing, and diversifying Connecticut’s views about society and inclusion. Jean Michael uses his art and social media to show the fun side of Connecticut, and keeping people up to date with inclusive fun events in the area.For more information and to find him on social media follow him  @JMichael1106

Meet Our Entertainment

Robin Fierce

Robin Fierce is on of Connecticut’s fiercest queens (as her names suggests). She’s known for her great energy and beautiful style. She’s appeared all through Connecticut and the surrounding states. You can find Robin popping up as one of the Angels, in Landmark Community Theatre’s addition of Kinky boots. The show opens May 2nd all they way through the 17th. But be sure to catch one of her Drag shows near you! You can fine show update on her instagram highlights, @TheRobinFierce It’s a fierce takeover HENNY!

Rory Roux-Lay Heart

Premier queen of dairy allergies. Premier queen of having moms. Premier queen of taking the bus. Rory is an afabulous FTM drag queen who loves performing anything from fun dance numbers, to comical mixes, to actual serious political numbers. Outside of drag you can probably find her panicking at her sewing machine, or crying because she’s unemployed. Follow her @roryrouxlay (and venmo her @roryrouxheart).

Mz October May Lay

Mz. October May Lay is a Hartford native drag performer who performs across Connecticut. Mz October is also the current reigning Miss Chez Est 2019 and Miss Gay New Haven 2019, and continues to compete for other titles. Mz. October is always ready to shake up the scene with her unapologetic blackness.

Suzanne Sheridan and the One Night Stand Band

In April 1998, when Suzanne Sheridan and The One Night Stand Band took the stage at the sold-out lesbian rock show, “She’s A Rebel – Fearlessly Going Where No Woman Has Gone Before,” they thought that was it. So here we are 21 years later, and The One Night Stand Band with Suzanne Sheridan has gone on to do more than a one-night stand. At the Dorothy Awards, in addition to Suzanne Sheridan, the performance will include Evangeline Durst, Bob Cooper, and Jake Habegger.


Sinthia has been playing music for over 30 years in all genres with a passion for classic rock. When she is not performing live she spends her time writing and recording her own music. She loves to play music and enjoys collaborating with other musicians.

Imperial Sovereign Court of All Connecticut

The Imperial Sovereign Court of all Connecticut (ISCofAllCT) is an non-profit organization that raises money for other non-profit organizations throughout the State of Connecticut. Our primary purpose is to provide a social union that secures equality, liberty and justice and to promote positive morale and pride throughout the community. After 20 years of raising money, the ISCofAllCT has given away over $500,000 to nearly 25 different nonprofit agencies and groups across Connecticut. Look us up on facebook : @ctimperialcourt