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The New Haven Pride Center’s Panels and Conversations series, expanded greatly during the COVID-19 pandemic, is continuing full steam ahead in 2021. Join our program officers and guest program curators for illuminating and introspective conversations with thought leaders and creators from our community, the wider region, and the national stage. In these dialogues, we’ll tackle issues of racial justice, gender equity, youth empowerment, and more as we advance the conversation and plot a more equitable and just path through turbulent times.

The Center seeks to explore issues that are not being addressed adequately in the broader LGBTQ+ community, focusing on topics that affect our community’s members in often-overlooked ways. Through this intersectional work, the Center strives to elevate the voices of the most marginalized and raise awareness around all aspects of the sociopolitical climate our community members find themselves in.

In addition to the panels & conversations listed below also make sure you check out our Day of Action and Lavender Lit Club pages for similar programs.

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Throughout 2020 the Center hosted dozens of virtual programs including community conversations, panels, and discussions utilizing the experience and knowledge of local and national artists, community organizers, advocates, thought leaders, and youth experts. We have compiled all of these programs in a virtual database on our YouTube Channel.  Watch them now.

You can also check out some of our programming playlists which include : Artist Talks, Author Talks, Programación en español, Racial Justice Programming, Transgender, Intersex, and Nonbinary Programming, Women’s Programming, and Youth Programming.

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2021 Panels & Conversations

Queer Identity, Gender & Trauma Panel
January 20 @ 6:00p

Join us for a discussion on queer identity, gender & trauma. We will be chatting with folks working with queer and trans communities in the areas such as suicide prevention, intimate partner violence response, and youth advocacy. The discussion will explore the many ways in which queer and trans people experience trauma, how gender identity impacts one’s experience of trauma, disparities amongst women’s and LGBTQIA+ communities, and how we can better serve queer and trans people as mental health professionals, advocates, community members and allies. This panel is presented in partnership with The Women’s Consortium & Trans Lifeline.

Panel will feature thoughts from Nadine Ruff, MSW, Shane Scott, IV Staklo and Brielle Roundtree. The panel will be moderated by journalist, activist, and Trans Lifeline volunteer Karleigh Webb.

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Why is Environmental Advocacy Queer Advocacy?
January 27 @ 12:00p

Join us for a discussion where we will explore the intersectionality of gender identity, sexual orientation, and the environment. How will climate change uniquely effect our community? If we don’t take a seat at the discussion table, how could decisions addressing environmental concerns impact our health and wellness? Hear perspectives from artists, activists and academics on how and why the effects of climate change and polution disproportionally effect the queer community, particularly queer communities of colour and why as a community we need to prioritize environmental equity as part of our push for equality.

Panel will feature perspectives from Hamzah Jhaveri, Adrian Huq and Arien Wilkerson. The panel will moderated by environmental activist, climate justice researcher, and community educator AJ Hudson.

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Spiritual Queer Spaces
January 29 @ 4:30p

What do LGBTQ+ affirming spiritual spaces look like? How have Latino/a/x queer communities found value in these spaces? And what are the barriers to building and maintaining these spaces while being inclusive of the community? These are just some of the questions we will look to answer in our January panel.

For many Latino/a/x LGBTQ+ folks spirituality and religion are a powerful sources of support, community strength and emotional healing. But, many of these spaces also have a long history of causing trauma and death for LGBTQ+ people. So how do we as a community find spirituality that feeds our soul instead of crushing it?

Panel will feature perspectives from Rev. Santos Cancel and Rev. Edwin Perez Jr. The panel will moderated by the Center’s Latinx Program Officer Max Cisneros.

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The Realities of LGBTQ+ Homelessness
February 9 @ 4:00p

In a continuation of our programming uplifting LGBTQ+ folks and their experiences with homelessness, the Center invites you to join us for a panel discussion to talk about the realities of homelessness in the queer and trans communities with folks with first hand experiences.

Hear from LGBTQ+ folks from throughout Connecticut who are who have personally experienced houselessness and learn from our panelists experiences on how we could be serving and supporting our LGBTQ+ houseless community better.

This discussion will feature thoughts from Elisio Acosta, Anthony Stowers, and Triss. The panel will be co-modrated by Transgender, Nonbinary, and Intersex Program Officer Eliot Olson and Youth Program Officer Ala Ochumare.

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Queer Women in Business
February 18 @ 6:00p

Join us for one of our February discussions where we explore how queer women are shaping the business and nonprofit sectors of Connecticut through innovative ideas, strong business skills, and outstanding leadership.

In this conversation our panelists will discuss entrepreneurship and how you can build an idea into a recognized and change making brand. How do queer women combat employment and workplace discrimination? How can queer women’s philanthropy through their businesses be models for giving back to the community? This panel is presented in partnership with Collab New Haven.

This discussion will feature thoughts from Jasmine Jacobs, Ashley LaRue and Sonia Salazar. The panel will be modrated by Co-Director and Co-Founder of Collab New Haven Caroline Smith.

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Combating LGBTQ+ Youth Homelessness
February 19 @ 4:00p

In Connecticut at any given time, 20-40% of the youth homeless population identifies as LGBTQ+.

This reality is a result of policy decisions, systematic oppression, and lack of resources.

In this panel where we continue the conversation around LGBTQ+ homelessness and specifically how we can work to combat youth homelessness. LGBTQ+ youth are particularly vulnerable and often need additional support as they deal with discrimination and challenges unique to the sexual orientation and gender identity. We will talk about resources within the community and share some collective efforts being throughout the state to support LGBTQ+ youth and hopefully help address the growing experience of homelessness.

This discussion will feature thoughts from Keana Bulau, Mel Cordner and Juan Fonseca. The panel will be moderated by the Center’s Trans, Nonbinary and Intersex Program Officer Eliot Olson.

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Exploring Black Queer History
February 22 @ 12:00p

Join us for a special conversations with historians, professors and authors Darius Bost (Evidence of Being: The Black Gay Cultural Renaissance and the Politics of Violence) and C. Riley Snorton (Black on Both Sides: A Racial History of Trans Identity, Nobody Is Supposed to Know: Black Sexuality on the Down Low) as we explore the hidden history of America’s Black queer history.

From slavery to modern day, Black Queerfolk have an incredible history in America, one that is often overlooked and gone untold. Join us as we take a deep dive into that history, explore why it is vital that this history be remembered and taught, and how this history has shaped who we are as a community at large. This panel is presented in partnership with Black Lives Matter New Haven.

Conversation will feature perspectives from authors Darius Bost and C. Riley Snorton, PhD. The conversation will be moderated by Black Lives Matter New Haven Founder and Youth Program Officer Ala Ochumare.

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The Art of Drag
March 11 @ 8:00p

The history and art of drag is long and intertwined with LGBTQ+ history, and has roots beyond the LGBTQ+ experience from Greek Tragedies to Shakespeare. In Connecticut, drag has an incredible past, and present, from the Hartford ballroom scene to the drag cabarets like the Polo Club and Bird House at Gotham, from being a safe space for the trangender community to taking on the stages of Connecitcut’s most prominent performance venues.

Join us for a special conversation with Connecticut drag artists about their craft, what it means to create through drag, and learn more about their own personal journey. This panel is presented in partnership with Yale Cabaret.

Conversation will feature perspectives from drag artists Kirshorn / Sparkle A. Diamond, Miles / Ray Decorazón, and Tim / Loosey LaDuca. The conversation will be moderated by drag artist and Center Executive Director Patrick Dunn in his drag personae Kiki Lucia.

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Autism and LGBTQ+ Identity
April 22 @ 6:00p

Autistic advocates have long argued that there was significant overlap between the autistic and LGBTQ+ communities, and in recent years, studies have emerged showing the prevalence of sexuality and gender diversity in autistic people is significantly higher than in the allistic, or non-autistic, population. Autistic people often report an experience of ‘not fitting in’ to allistic society, and this feeling of ‘not fitting in’ often extends to cisgender, heterosexual norms. 

In this panel, hear from a group of queer autistic people on how they understand and relate to their LGBTQ+ identities through the lens of autism, commonalities in the struggle for self-determination between LGBTQ+ and autistic people, and the challenges and triumphs of living at the intersection of autism and LGBTQ+ identity.

Panel will feature perspectives from Milo Evica, Alex Marie, and Quell Nessuno. This panel will be moderated by Center Marketing & Development Coordinator Maia Leonardo.

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Panel : ¿Y nosotr@s/e/x Que?
25 de Mayo @ 6:30p

En Marzo 2021 la red de organizaciones que brindan una variedad de servicios a la comunidad LGBTQIA+ lanzo una encuesta estatal para analizar las necesidades de la comunidad LGBTQIA+ en el estado de Connecticut. El objetivo de esta encuesta es crear una base de datos para evaluar las necesidades de la población LGBTQ+ en el estado y poder asesorar a los legisladores en el estado utilizando datos y estadísticas que sustenten y suporten la creación de legislaciones para proteger y servir a la comunidad LGBTQ+.

Este panel contará con las perspectivas de Max Cisneros, Richard Masson y Juan Fonseca Tapia. La conversación será moderada por el director ejecutivo de la Comisión para le Mujer del estado de CT, Steven Hernández.

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Panel : Why We Die 
May 26 @ 4:00p

In many realms of health and wellness, including HIV care, COVID vaccination, and life expectancy, the Latinx community is at a significant disadvantage compared to white folks.

There are significant funding disparities in health care for Latinx communities, and these communities are typically underserved by exisitng health care systems.Nearly 40% of the Latinx community is uninsured, and uninsured people typically receive half as much health care as those who are insured. In this panel, the first of two, we’ll examine some of the reasons behind these negative health outcomes and discuss strategies for amelioration of these disparities.

This panel will feature perspectives from Dr. Eden Almasude, Luis Magaña, and Alison Martinez Carrasco. The conversation will be moderated by Latinx Program Officer Max Cisneros.

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Panel : UndocuQueer y sin miedo: examinando ocho años de DACA
16 de Junio ​​@ 6:30p

Únase a nosotros mientras tenemos una conversación comunitaria contestando la pregunta qué significa ser UndocuQueer y Sin Miedo : Examinando Ocho Años de DACA.

En el verano de 2006, Jóvenes Latinx organizaron una serie de huelgas generales para presionar a los legisladores para que finalmente aprobaran una reforma migratoria. Estas acciones cuyo impacto todavía sentimos hoy nos deja como uno de sus resultados el Programa de Acción Diferida para las personas que llegaron en la Infancia o DACA.Ocho años después, el New Haven Pride Center será el anfitrión de una conversación (en español) con organizadores queer indocumentados sobre sus historias.

Este panel contará con las perspectivas de Anthony Barroso, Victor Guzman, Laurita Garcia, y Jose Valdovinos. Este panel será moderado por Max Cisneros, oficial del programa Latinx.

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Discussion : #EndTransDetention
June 16 @ 6:00p

Victoria Arellano, Roxsana Hernandez, and Johana Medina are three trans women who died because of willful ICE negligence. No more deaths of our people!

This Pride month, the Center partners with FAMILIA : Trans Queer Liberation Movement to share with our community about the #EndTransDetention Campaign and how we can call on our legislative leaders locally and nationally to immediately release trans people, people living with HIV, and people with medical condition from ICE custody.

This panel will feature perspectives from Jennicet Gutiérrez. The panel will be moderated by Latinx Program Officer Max Cisneros.
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Discussion : LGBTQ+ Parenting
June 17 @ 6:00p

Please join us for one of our June conversations titled LGBTQ+ Family Building. Join us for a special conversation, in partnership between the New Haven Pride Center and the Center for Advanced Reproductive Services, on one of the hottest topics in the LGBTQ+ community – Parenting! Join us as parents, community members, and health experts talk about family building options from surrogacy to pregnancy!

This conversation will include perspectives from Kathy Paniati, RN, Reeva Makhijani, MD, Doug NeJaime, Esq, Stephanie and Rebecca Trelli, and Patrick J Dunn. The panel will be moderated by meteorologist and host of BetterCT on WFSB Scott Haney.

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Mythbusting : Dysphoria and the Trans Community
June 21 @ 12:00p

Dysphoria is for many the gateway to discovering trans identity and combating it is for many the greatest challenge of transition. However, many myths persist around dysphoria, including who experiences it, what it’s like, and whether it’s a required experience for identifying as trans. Additionally, the original standards of medical care for trans people codified many harmful myths about dysphoria that are still active within and without the trans community. In this panel, thought leaders will sit down and discuss the myths and realities of transgender dysphoria.

This panel will feature perspectives from KC Councilor, Rowan Hepps Keeney, and Ace Ricker. This conversation will be moderated by Trans, Nonbinary, and Intersex Program Officer Eliot Olson.

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Discussion : Who is Latinx
June 22 @ 12:00p

The categories of race, gender, and sexuality continue to be the site of analysis for many higher education researchers, effectively filling the void of intersectional approaches to student development and learning theory. Yet, we still struggle with terminology that honors Latinx/a/o students’ identities, let alone their intersections with systems of oppression. This presentation will engage in a dialogue about the importance of Latinx/a/o/* students’ identities and labels that have been (mis)used, (mis)interpreted, and have not been fully examined. The goal is to illuminate how the politics of naming social identities can perpetuate structures of power, and work toward transforming higher education through critical naming processes.

This program will be lead by Associate Professor in the Educational Leadership and Research Methodology Department at Florida Atlantic University Cristobal Salinas Jr., Ph.D.

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TransCharla : Entrevista con Laura Libertad Alvarez
24 de Junio @ 2:00p

 “¿Qué significa ser trans y visible?” Le preguntaremos a Laura Libertad Álvarez y cómo ella ha podido navegar todas estas diversas posiciones, profesiones y experiencias como una mujer transindígena que habla español y quechua.

Esta conversación contará con perspectivas de Laura Libertad Álvarez y será moderada por Ernesto Cuba.

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Panel : Queer Toxicity : Machismo
August 16 @ 4:00p

Join us for a deep dive into the role machismo and toxic masculinity plays in fostering anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-femininity sentiment within Latinx communities, particularly Latinx immigrant communities.

As a society we often celebrate masculinity and see femininity as weakness which leads us to ask the questions : How do we deconstruct toxic machismo culture within LGBTQ+ Latino/a/x communities? How do we find a balance of honoring those who are masculine while also celebrating those who are feminine? And more!

Panel will feature perspectives from Mz Mr, Nicolas Aramayo, Francisco Cortes, Ishalaa Ortega, and Roslyn Sotero. This panel will be moderated by Latinx Program Office Max Cisneros.

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Author Talk : Tre’ Vaughn Taylor
August 17 @ 4:00p

Join us for a in-depth conversation with author and artist Sev7en Taylor /  Tre’ Vaughn Taylor about his book The Principles of Permission : Shifting the Mental, an intimate conversation on how to shift your mental perspective and health. In his book, he recalls the impact of meeting “ Prodigy” from Mobb Deep & his journey to becoming “ Sev7en Taylor.” Throughout the book, he shares mental tips, success hacks and raw moments from his life and takes readers on a journey to unlocking inner & outer success.

This program will be a conversation with author and artist Sev7en Taylor /  Tre’ Vaughn Taylor and will be moderated by poet and spoken word artist Jonah Craggett.

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Panel : Trans & Bi+
October 14 @ 4:00p

The link between sexuality and gender is different for everyone whether they are queer, straight, transgender or cisgender. However; our panel this October aims to open the conversation up as we talk about different experiences and perspectives that have each informed the way we found ourselves and who we come to love.

Panel will feature perspectives from Jessica Leyba, Devin Marlow, and Mars Shack. This panel will be moderated by Trans Program Officer Eliot Olson.

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Conversation : Mx Annunaki Ray Marquez
October 26 @ 4:00p

Join us on Intersex Awareness Day for a special conversation with nationally recognized Anunnaki Ray Marquez, Intersex rights and gender activist, and TEDx speaker. Help us raise awareness while centering the Intersex community in an important dialogue about the relationship between sex and gender, gender identity, and how, as a community, we can center Intersex peoples in this conversation.

This program will be a conversation with Intersex rights gender activist Anunnaki Ray Marquez and will be moderated by Trans Program Officer Eliot Olson.

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Bi+ Talk : Sheela Lambert
November 9 @ 6:00p

Join us as we continue our journey in dismantle inner-community Biphobia through out Bi+ Talk series that brings local and national Bi+ voices together to deconstruct phobic language, challenge bias norms, and work to elliminate biphobia throughout the larger LGBTQ+ community. This program is part of a new series of discussions that will be led by the Bi+ community of Connecticut with the goal of elevating the voices of the Bi+ communtiy within the Center’s programming.

In November we sit down with Sheela Lambert, Director of the Bisexual Book Awards to hear more about her work of elevating Bi+ voices in literature and the community overall!

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