Panels & Conversations

The New Haven Pride Center’s Panels and Conversations series, expanded greatly during the COVID-19 pandemic, is continuing full steam ahead in 2021. Join our program officers and guest program curators for illuminating and introspective conversations with thought leaders and creators from our community, the wider region, and the national stage. In these dialogues, we’ll tackle issues of racial justice, gender equity, youth empowerment, and more as we advance the conversation and plot a more equitable and just path through turbulent times.

The Center seeks to explore issues that are not being addressed adequately in the broader LGBTQ+ community, focusing on topics that affect our community’s members in often-overlooked ways. Through this intersectional work, the Center strives to elevate the voices of the most marginalized and raise awareness around all aspects of the sociopolitical climate our community members find themselves in.

In addition to the panels & conversations listed below also make sure you check out our Day of Action and Lavender Lit Club pages for similar programs.

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Throughout 2020 the Center hosted dozens of virtual programs including community conversations, panels, and discussions utilizing the experience and knowledge of local and national artists, community organizers, advocates, thought leaders, and youth experts. We have compiled all of these programs in a virtual database on our YouTube Channel.  Watch them now.

You can also check out some of our programming playlists which include : Artist Talks, Author Talks, Programación en español, Racial Justice Programming, Transgender, Intersex, and Nonbinary Programming, Women’s Programming, and Youth Programming.

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2021 Panels & Conversations

Queer Identity, Gender & Trauma Panel
January 20 @ 6:00p

Join us for a discussion on queer identity, gender & trauma. We will be chatting with folks working with queer and trans communities in the areas such as suicide prevention, intimate partner violence response, and youth advocacy. The discussion will explore the many ways in which queer and trans people experience trauma, how gender identity impacts one’s experience of trauma, disparities amongst women’s and LGBTQIA+ communities, and how we can better serve queer and trans people as mental health professionals, advocates, community members and allies. This panel is presented in partnership with The Women’s Consortium & Trans Lifeline.

Panel will feature thoughts from Nadine Ruff, MSW, Shane Scott, IV Staklo and Brielle Roundtree. The panel will be modrated by journalist, activist, and Trans Lifeline volunteer Karleigh Webb.

Why Environmental Advocacy is Queer Advocacy?
January 27 @ 12:00p

Join us for a discussion where we will explore the intersectionality of gender identity, sexual orientation, and the environment. How will climate change uniquely effect our community? If we don’t take a seat at the discussion table, how could decisions addressing environmental concerns impact our health and wellness? Hear perspectives from artists, activists and academics on how and why the effects of climate change and polution disproportionally effect the queer community, particularly queer communities of colour and why as a community we need to prioritize environmental equity as part of our push for equality.

Panel will feature perspectives from Hamzah Jhaveri, Adrian Huq and Arien Wilkerson. Moderator will be announced soon.