Bi+ Talk Sheela Lambert

Bi+ Talk : Sheela Lambert

November 9, 2021
6:00 – 7:00p

FREE virtual event
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Join us as we continue our journey in dismantle inner-community Biphobia through out Bi+ Talk series that brings local and national Bi+ voices together to deconstruct phobic language, challenge bias norms, and work to elliminate biphobia throughout the larger LGBTQ+ community. This program is part of a new series of discussions that will be led by the Bi+ community of Connecticut with the goal of elevating the voices of the Bi+ communtiy within the Center’s programming.

In November we sit down with Sheela Lambert, Director of the Bisexual Book Awards to hear more about her work of elevating Bi+ voices in literature and the community overall!

About Our Speaker

Sheela Lambert

Sheela Lambert (she/her) is the director of the Bisexual Book Awards (BBA) & Bi Writers Association (BWA) and is the editor of the Anthology of Bisexual Poetry project and Best Bi Short Stories: Bisexual Fiction (Finalist for the Lammy Awards, Bisexual Book Awards and Rainbow Awards).

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Editor of Best Bi Short Stories: Bisexual Fiction
Triple Finalist: Lammy Awards, Bisexual Book Awards & Rainbow Awards!
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