Panel : Autism and LGBTQ+ Identity

Autism and LGBTQ+ Identity

April 22, 2021
6:00 – 7:00p

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Autistic advocates have long argued that there was significant overlap between the autistic and LGBTQ+ communities, and in recent years, studies have emerged showing the prevalence of sexuality and gender diversity in autistic people is significantly higher than in the allistic, or non-autistic, population. Autistic people often report an experience of ‘not fitting in’ to allistic society, and this feeling of ‘not fitting in’ often extends to cisgender, heterosexual norms. 

In this panel, hear from a group of queer autistic people on how they understand and relate to their LGBTQ+ identities through the lens of autism, commonalities in the struggle for self-determination between LGBTQ+ and autistic people, and the challenges and triumphs of living at the intersection of autism and LGBTQ+ identity.

Panel will feature perspectives from Milo Evica, Alex Marie, and Quell Nessuno. This panel will be moderated by Center Marketing & Development Coordinator Maia Leonardo.

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About Our Speakers

Alex Marie – Speaker

Born and raised in New Haven, Alex (she/her) is an autistic queer woman and local activist. She is passionate about disability rights, and is a proud advocate for autistic and neurodivergent individuals. She is especially interested in the intersection of systemic medical discrimination amongst marginalized minority groups with an emphasis on chronic illness and neurodivergence. In her free time, Alex enjoys writing and participating in small animal rescue.

Milo Evica – Speaker

A lifelong student of traditional foodways and community food practices, Milo (they/he), is an autistic person of transmasculine experience from central Connecticut. They create events and curriculum around food and community, including the Healthy Harvest cooking curriculum for neurodivergent young adults. They are on Instagram as @queer_peasant_cook.

Quell Nessuno – Speaker

Quell (ey/em) is an autistic nonbinary lesbian originally from Syracuse, NY, and currently living in New York City. Ey are a self taught software engineer. Ey are passionate about linguistics, entomology, ecological issues, and cooking.