Panel : Trans & Bi+

Trans & Bi+

October 14, 2021
4:00 – 5:00p

FREE virtual event
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A large part of the trans community identifies as bisexual. Coming this October the New Haven Pride Center is hosting a panel discussion concerning the overlap of the bi and trans communities. Why does such a large portion of the trans community identify as bi or pansexual? As trans people – do we have a different understanding of gender that affects our sexual orientation? Or did we always identify that way no matter the way the world misgendered us? Does identifying as Bi feel safe as a trans person or is it seen with criticism? These questions and more will be answered.

The link between sexuality and gender is different for everyone whether they are queer, straight, transgender or cisgender. However; our panel this October aims to open the conversation up as we talk about different experiences and perspectives that have each informed the way we found ourselves and who we come to love.

Panel will feature perspectives from Jessica Leyba, Devin Marlow, and Mars Shack. This panel will be moderated by Trans Program Officer Eliot Olson.

Our speakers (from left to right) Mars Shack, Devin Marlow, and Jessica Leyba.

Devin Atlas Marlow

Devin (they/them) is 27 years old, and a member of the bisexual+ and nonbinary community. They are a barista and cashier at Atticus Market in East Rock, and day to day does more than serve customers. As a queer person, they contribute to the space being queer friendly for both fellow queer co-workers and customers in the LGBTQ+ community. Some work they’ve been involved with at the New Haven Pride Center in the past few years includes performing in drag, helping organize the Community Clothing Closet, and providing assistance with nutrition programs. They enjoy listening in on the Center’s panels and hearing minority voices centered in their conversations. They’ve seen positive outreach within these panels and aim to be a part of that themselves. They are really excited to be on the panel, and am looking forward to talking to other bisexual+ people and nonbinary people.

Jessica Leyba

Jess (she/her) is a trans and bisexual service worker and socialist activist and organizer from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She has taken leadership on a broad range of initiatives including COVID-19 vaccination access, unemployment advocacy and direct service resource navigation, anti war and anti-racist organizing and LGBTQ+ rights organizing work. Jessica was motivated to get involved in activism by the US military actions in Syria, which drove her to advocate for the right to self determination by marginalized and racialized people around the world. Her work as an LGBTQ+ rights organizer is deeply intertwined with her struggle against racist and imperialist aggression inside the US and overseas. When she isn’t organizing or working, Jessica is a hobbyist computer programmer and game developer interested in creative coding and the concept of software as art and creative expression. She has produced a number of indie video games and frequently writes computer programs for fun.

Mars Shack

Bio coming soon.