Meet our 2020-21 Scholarship Recipients

The New Haven Pride Center is proud to announce the recipients of over $7,500 in scholarship funds for the 2020-21 academic year. Our scholarship recipients come from all walks of life and are already incredibly accomplished; read their bios below and get to know them!

Adrian Huq (they/them) – Imperial Sovereign Court of All Connecticut Memorial Scholarship Recipient

Adrian Huq is a nonbinary and queer climate activist/organizer from Derby, Connecticut. Adrian is a 2020 graduate from Metropolitan Business Academy in New Haven and is currently a freshman at Tufts University majoring in Environmental Studies. They hope to study solutions to climate change and work on reforming waste management systems in their career. Adrian serves as the co-founder of New Haven Climate Movement’s Youth Action Team, has two years of experience working with the New Haven/Leon Sister City Project to promote climate education in New Haven area high schools, and works with various environmental nonprofits. Adrian was President of their high school’s Gender Sexuality Alliance, a two-time workshop presenter at the regional True Colors LGBTQ Youth Conference, and participant in many social justice programs such as the Black and Brown Queer Camp. Adrian hopes to help create a future where LGBTQ youth are supported and uplifted. They also hope to support programs that give back to LGBTQ people, especially queer and trans people of color. Adrian hopes that through being who they are unapologetically, they can play a part in shaping our world into a safer and more welcoming place for all people who go against gender norms and societal expectations.

Elijah Lombardi (he/him)David Knapp Scholarship Recipient

Elijah Lombardi is a pansexual genderfluid trans man and longtime queer proactivist, formally since spring semester 2005 when he attended a Tufts University conference and experienced the palpable, stomach-sinking terror of not knowing whether [Medford, MA] was safe for queer people. He has since been active in several organizations and commissions (including his current activity as Board secretary for the Connecticut TransAdvocacy Coalition) but believes his most important work is in the individual lives of people with which he interacts. His goal is to become a primary care provider for queer peoples as a family nurse practitioner, attending Tunxis Community College to avail himself of opportunities he did not have before but more importantly to acquire new types of knowledge to help his future clientele by first acquiring an A.S. Human Services. As a fellow queer and Ambassador Ebenezer Bassett Scholar (exemplified by the five categories of compatriot, scholasticism, leadership, humanitarianism, and overcoming adversity), he sends his blessing to every queer person who is in any desperate situation, because it does get better: I am at the pinnacle of joy that I am still here, because I could not have imagined this life I have now, it is far better even than my most active imaginations.

Adam Majeski (he/him, they/them)David Knapp Scholarship Recipient

I am a first year Graduate student at the Boston University School of Public Health focusing in Global Health Programming. I am interested in a career working in International Organizations on youth programming, and I am excited to demand that Queer topics be integrated in health programs. I am honored to receive this award on behalf of the bisexual/fluid community as we continue to fight for our visibility and legitimacy in Queer spaces. This scholarship will help me immensely in paying for my degree and to start my life in public service.

Theo C. Pinnow (he/him, they/them)Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood Scholarship Recipient

Theo is currently in the dual degree program at SCSU, working toward their Master’s Degree in Social Work as well as a Master of Arts in Women and Gender Studies. He currently works as a Recovery Support Specialist, assisting individuals who struggle with mental health issues as well as substance use while in their early stages of recovery. Since starting in this position, they started a peer-run LGBTQ+ support group, and they serve as an advocate for trans-identified clients while they are in agency care. In the future, Theo would like to have their own LGBTQ+ mental health clinic to provide trauma-informed and gender-inclusive care to those in need in Connecticut.

Brayden James Malley (he/him) – David Knapp Scholarship Recipient

Brayden is a second year master’s student studying marriage and family therapy. He is currently leading a student initiative to diversify classrooms on campus and create more queer inclusive spaces. In his clinical work he is partnering with the school system to implement GSAs at the middle school level. In his spare time Brayden enjoys tie dying, spending time at the beach, and playing with his cat!

Emily Taylor Stewart (she/her) – Rosa Nilvo O’Connell Memorial Scholarship

Emily Taylor Stewart is pursuing a Master of Health Science in Biomedical Sciences degree at Quinnipiac University. Upon completion of her masters degree, she will be attending medical school with aspirations of specializing in Endocrinology. Emily hopes to use her career and advocacy to better health care for members of the LGBTQ+ community through the advancement of HRT while providing an open and affirming environment.