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Innovative Programs
Life-saving Services
Youth Empowerment

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Panels & Talks

This series aims to explore the issues, experiences, and perspectives that are not being adequately addressed in the broader LGBTQ+ community.
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Days of Action

These mini-conferences aim to educate, mobilize, and challenge participants to engage with one another on difficult issues and combat injustice within the larger LGBTQ+ community.
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Lavender Lit Book Club

In this monthly book club we read books by queer women and/or non-male-identified authors to celebrate queer women and non-men in literature.
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Art & Exhibitions

The Center presents exhibitions showcasing the diverse experiences and artistic perspectives of CT's LGBTQ+ artists.
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Performance Programs

These programs aim to highlight and, uplift local and regional artists who identify as LGBTQ+.
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PRIDE New Haven

PRIDE New Haven is a visible infusion of LGBTQ+ celebratory programming that highlights the culture, art, and history of New Haven and Connecticut’s LGBTQ+ community.
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support services

A Place for Community, Culture, & Support

The New Haven Pride Center’s Case Management and Support Services aim to ensure that all LGBTQ+ individuals have secure housing, access to food, stable employment, legal assistance, health equity, and the community support that they need to thrive. In addition to one-on-one case management services, we offer a variety of peer-led support and social affinity spaces, essential toiletries, a food pantry, and a clothing closet.

mailing list

Stay Connected

The New Haven Pride Center sends out our weekly e-newsletter called CenterWire to help you stay up-to-date on our upcoming events, opportunities, and programs. In addition to our weekly e-newsletters, you can also sign up to get specific updates from our program curators!

youth empowerment

Youth-Centered Spaces

The New Haven Pride Center aims to uplift LGBTQ+ youth by meeting them where they are. Our youth-centered spaces don't just offer support, they equip youth with the skills they need to thrive and advocate for themselves.


Make a Donation

Invest in the fastest growing LGBTQ+ nonprofit agency in the State of Connecticut. The New Haven Pride Center’s Annual Fund doesn’t just sustain operations today but also builds the foundation for the Pride Center’s future by giving the Center vital funds that allow us to create new programming and enhance existing Center activities. By investing in the Center’s Annual Fund, you are directly contributing to events, community service, and advocacy for New Haven and the surrounding region’s LGBTQ+ community.