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“Defiance” Kicks Off the 2021 Exhibition Series

The New Haven Pride Center kicked-off our 2021 exhibition series with Defiance, an exhibition of the art of Maxwell Kale at the Chez Est Gallery in Hartford. This exhibition, which features 21 paintings draws inspiration from Björk, German Impressionism, and the male form. Read more!

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During the COVID-19 pandemic the Center took this as an opportunity to convert our programming to the online sphere! Many of our panels and community conversations, our virtual events, and more can be found on our new YouTube Channel. Click here and start exploring!

“Night Sweats” Lays A New Path To Remembrance

A body stands in the cool grass, still for just a moment. A voice, low and garbled, rumbles overhead. It recalls wet, tangled sheets, fever dreams. One frame becomes multiple frames, rectangles layered one atop the other. Lines unfurl themselves . . . read more!