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September 11 - 18, 2022

8 days, 25+ events

PRIDE New Haven is an 8-day festival celebrating the culture, art, and history of New Haven and Connecticut’s LGBTQ+ community. Now in its 24th year, PRIDE New Haven is the only Pride celebration in Connecticut to feature arts and humanities programs alongside social and celebratory events. 

Mark your calendars for a full week of panels, performances, and social events, including PRIDEfest in downtown New Haven on THE NEW HAVEN GREEN on Saturday, September 17th! Watch the panels live on Facebook & Youtube or enjoy the festivities in-person at the various venues around Greater New Haven!

Can’t get enough PRIDE? Continue the celebration with FRINGEfest – additional events not hosted by PRIDE New Haven that offer a variety of fun opportunities to come together as a community and support local LGBTQ+ businesses. Click the button below for the full list of events.

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Meet the Team

Patrick J. Dunn (he/him)

 Alyssa Marie Cajigas Rivera Ortiz (she/her)

Val Ruby-Omen (she/her)

Laura Boccadoro (she/they)

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Meet Our Artists & Speakers

In order of appearance

Frizzie Borden (she/her), Drag Artist Story Hour

Frizzie Borden is a Connecticut-based drag performer. Her two favorite genres are comedy and horror, and she loves to combine them into her very unique style. She is a professional runner-up in many different competitions around Connecticut. She is very excited and honored to be reading for Drag Queen Story Hour this Pride.

DJ Gallo (he/him), PRIDE Kick-OFF Party

Out of New Haven, DJ Chris Gallo brings his passion for dance music to every set. He enjoys being able to create a journey which pulls from all types of dance genres. The ability to create a mood based solely on sound is what drives him. Chris shares his passion weekly with his dance floor at Partners Cafe in New Haven, Connecticut. He encourages his dance floor to “come early and stay late, you never know where the music will take us!

Semaphora, PRIDE Kick-OFF Party

Semaphora is an activist indie rock collective from coastal Connecticut, performing the music and lyrics of composer/producer/multi-instrumentalist Lydia Arachne. With the spirit of a spontaneous library dance party, Semaphora explores ideas such as human-animal friendship, the history of A.I. assistants, and the possibilities of glowing cats, with ethereal harmonies and peculiar, magnetic grooves. For fans of: Sufjan Stevens, Ben Folds, Joni Mitchell, and NPR’s This American Life.

Julia Slaughter (she/her), Illustration

Julia Slaughter’s simple tapestries deliver messages through abstract surrealism about what mother earth holds for us in the change of seasons and quiet or anticipatory moments in nature. Each work is made with fully plant-derived, natural fibers or fully recycled synthetic materials. Julia is inspired by the harsh beauty of New England winters in the hills and calmer days in the marshy coastal areas of our shoreline. She earned a BFA from Paier College in 2014 and currently lives in western Connecticut with her wife and fur children.

Katie Slaughter, Illustration
Riley Samels, Illustration

As a New Haven-based children’s book and pop-up card Illustrator, I use my platform and skill set to bring awareness to issues both social and environmental, as well as poke fun at some non-issues as well. I find value in presenting critical topics in a child-friendly format so that it can be digested by all audiences.

Pedro Julio Serrano (he/him), Keynote Speaker

Pedro Julio Serrano is an internationally recognized human rights activist, boricua and gay. He was the first openly gay and HIV+ political candidate in Puerto Rican history. He is the founder and spokesperson for Puerto Rico Para Todes and has won numerous national and international awards and recognitions for his activism. He was the media and public relations of the National LGBTQ Task Force in New York and director of the office of the first Puerto Rican Speaker of the New York City Council. He later served as the director of Clínica Transalud and Programa Vida of the Municipality of San Juan. He now works as Empodérate director of Waves Ahead, creating the public policy and community development department.

Maddelynn Hatter, Host of Drag on the Edge

Galactic Witch Queen of NYC with 18 years of drag experience and entertaining!

Rory Roux Lay (she/they), Drag on the Edge

Rory Roux Lay is a CT based trans drag artist who performs throughout the state. She loves doing a variety of different types of drag including comedic, dance, political, and alternative numbers. In addition to performing, Rory also sews costumes, edits mixes, and makes flyers.

Ram Shackle (they/them), Drag on the Edge

Ram Shackle is a gender-blending CT Drag Thing and self-identified skanky space snake. Their performances mix androgynous oddity with good ol’ fashioned dancing foolery. They believe it is important to honor drag’s pre-Drag Race roots while continuing to push the art form forward. When not performing, Ram loves teaching with Education at Hartford Stage.

Chai (she/her), Drag on the Edge

Queen of Halloween, grinder girl, AFAB drag artist with a proclivity for the strange and unusual in life. You can find Chai on almost any given day wearing a tiny shiny outfit at a venue near you!

Glass Staine, Drag on the Edge

Glass Staine is a drag artist based in Hartford, CT. Glass is known for her sexy, subversive, and scary performances and loves nothing more than shocking a crowd, all while looking stunning! Glass has been spreading her madness for 7 years and is the current reigning Mx. KYNK titleholder, representing all things dark and twisted.

Iridessa Soul (she/they), Drag on the Edge

My name is Iridessa Soul, of the Haus of LaFlare. I am a CT based drag performer, who loves to shine my light, & bring love & smiles to as many faces as I can! I have been doing drag for two years now, & I couldn’t be more blessed to be apart of this amazing community! You never know what you’ll get when you see Iridessa! I may pull out a stunt or two, maybe a prop or reveal, or maybe just a bit of magic! I couldn’t do it without all of my friends & family, & my peers around me for all of their support & all they have taught me! Much love, & keep shining bright!

Paxx Headroom (he/they), Drag on the Edge

A High Energy Drag King from Southern CT.

Ambrosia Black (she/he/they), Drag on the Edge

Ambrosia is what you get when you reach the intersection of pop princess, Halloween-town, and a Comic-Con. Because she can deliver so many different types of drag, you will always see something new. From comedy and camp, to serious emotional ballads, or even horror and cosplay, she can do it all.

Ill Elle (she/they), Drag on the Edge

Hi! My name is Ill Elle! I am 23 years old and have been doing drag for about 3 years. My name comes from my out of drag name and is a play on the French words “il” and “elle” meaning “he” and “she”. My drag is a combination of twisted beauty, curvy body, and stupidity. I love confusing an audience and making them laugh at whatever I’m doing on stage.

Midnight (she/they), Drag on the Edge

Connecticut’s Latin Witch Queen. Charming personality, enchanting looks and a fiery high energy performer.

Giri Spades (he/they), Drag on the Edge

Giri Spades, is a drag king aspiring to make it big in the Drag World. Getting his start in drag performance in 2018, and growing ever since. Giri hopes to bring his love of art and story telling into the spotlight, although he’s a man of few words, he uses his whole body to create a captivating storyline. Giri Spades, THE KING OF SPADES, welcomes you into his world of fantasy, as he makes his way out the pages of his own story book, and onto the stage of our own reality! Ready your doe and enjoy the show

DJ Ephraim Adamz, Drag on the Edge

Ephraim Adamz is an American DJ, filmmaker, songwriter, and recording artist of Guyanese heritage. Often regarded as the “King of Pride”, he is widely known for his activism in Black and Queer communities. He rose to prominence on YouTube in 2014 with the viral music video “Twerk Bitch (You A Bottom)”. He has collaborated with over twenty four Pride Festivals. Two are the largest in the United States, including Rhode Island Pride and Stonewall 50 WorldPride NYC 2019. During the Covid-19 pandemic he was one of twenty-four video editors to produce Global Pride 2020, the worlds largest LGBT virtual event in history.”

pink navel (they/them), pink navel & Indigaux

Pink Navel is a non-binary rapper originally based out of the South Shore of MA, but has relocated to Maine to join Ruby Yacht at their headquarters. As a self-proclaimed Nintendo and Disney collector, Navel’s music tends to blend the carefree cadence of cartoons with introspective lyrics on gender identity and mental health.

Indigaux (they/them), pink navel & Indigaux

Indigaux stirs the moshpit with radical electric passion! A rare species of punq faerie discovered in Connecticut circa 1997, Indigaux uses synesthesia as a foundation for their experimental noise and hyperpunk rap music.

Iman Brown (they/them), pink navel & Indigaux

Demonstrating spontaneous live painting, Iman Brown is here to rock out with you as colorfully as possible.

Mia E Z'Lay (she/her), Host of Mx. PRIDE New Haven Pageant

She’s campy and Kooky.
Thicc and Spooky.
A tiny waist and a subtle face.
Mia is a drag entertainer from CT. You can find her running shows and performing all over New England. Mia is known for her comedy skills, flexibility, and her ability to ignore her large stack of unpaid parking tickets. Catch her at venues near you or online @miaezlay. 

To see all of the performers of the Mx. PRIDE New Haven Pageant click here
Crystal Starz (she/her), Host of PRIDEfest

Crystal Starz is an up and coming drag performer who is known for bringing energy to every stage she is on. Over the last year, Crystal has worked tirelessly to establish herself as a quality performer and host, performing at different venues across the state. Having come from extremely humble beginnings, and a past fear of performing, Crystal has made quite the impact. Crystal’s continued ambition is to find and secure more opportunities to create more spaces where queer artists can be expressive and showcase their talent openly and safely!

Mz. October May Lay (he/she), Host of PRIDEfest

Chez Legends 2018 Season 1 Winner
Chez Legends All Stars 2019 Winner
Mx. New Haven 2019 Winner
Ms. Chez Est for Life 2021

To see all of the performers of the PRIDEfest click here
Dot Mitzvah (she/her), Host of Burlesque Night Out

Born from a one-night stand between a rabbi from Flatbush Ave and a Lotte Lenya impersonator, Dot Mitzvah chews her way through burlesque and cabaret with a mixture of music, comedy, and good old fashioned cheesecake.

Kendall Marie (she/her), Burlesque Night Out

I’m Kendall Marie: a sweet soul with a twist of sass & seduction. Growing up I danced across the US, leading to recent auditions and music video roles. I’ve performed burlesque, musical theatre, and cabaret acts throughout Connecticut and New York City over the past five years. Ultimately, I enjoy infusing acrobatics into my performances, creating the ultimate tease.

Miss Cherry Jackson (she/her), Burlesque Night Out

Miss Cherry Jackson found a way to get SUNY schools to pay her to shake her ass, and she’s been doing it ever since. Be prepared to have your cherry popped by some fun Latin beats that will leave you screaming Wepa! all night long.

Harley Foxx, Burlesque Night Out
Casey Fitzpatrick (she/her), Host of PRIDEfest After Party

I’ve been performing in New Haven for 10 years. I love this community and bringing joy to the masses!

Sev7en Taylor (he/him), PRIDEfest After Party

Sev7en Taylor is a recording artist, a published author of 7 books, and a man of many talents.

Mychael Jay (he/him), PRIDEfest After Party

Greetings I’m Mychael Jay, a singer songwriter and performer from CT. I have been making music for about 10 years and have performed at over 50 venues from Connecticut down to Florida. You can find my latest works wherever major music is streamed or sold. I have performed at 6 Flags New England for pride. New York Fashion Week, and I was the opener for the universe is undefeated tour with Danity Kane. And you may have seen me on this season of Divorce Court. I’m so happy to have been booked to be able to bring my talents to New Haven Pride this year. I can’t wait to give you guys a killer show and I may even be bringing out a few friends of mine:) can’t wait to see you all at the Pride After Party at Gotham.

Danny C (he/him), PRIDEfest After Party

Danny C is a 27 year old music artist from Southington, Connecticut. He burst into the music scene with his debut song “Where They At?” and ever since then has began to build an amazing bond with his fans and people who feel inspired and empowered by the music. His goal is to open the minds of people from different worlds to see the commonality in the love of art.

JustJeremiah (he/him), PRIDEfest After Party

Inner city boy with a passion for music, fashion and performance.

Karelys bleau (they/she), PRIDEfest After Party

Karelys bleau known as Connecticut’s GLAMAZON AMAZON QUEEN with curves to kill for between preforming, modeling, pageants, and bookings for all events. Karelys bleau is known throughout the community for Serving L O O K S HUNNNI. Add me on insta @Thereal_karlyb.

Aurora Garavani Gucci, PRIDEfest After Party

I’m a drag entertainer/musical artist with 4 singles on all music platforms. I started my drag career in Springfield MA, leading into Hartford, CT performing at polo for years until I eventually moved to Florida, where I perform now. Entertainment is what I do best, and I love giving you all some top notch adrenaline type performances where you are still thinking about what a great show I put on. My type of drag is body and skin with a touch of dramatics. I love playing with colors and hair as well. My music side of me is considered trap and very Megan, Nicki, and Cardi all together, so make sure you all stream my music.

Songbird Angel Love, PRIDEfest After Party
Luna Asakura (she/he/they), PRIDEfest After Party
La’Nece Onassis, PRIDEfest After Party
Ryder Die, PRIDEfest After Party
Jayde Aloura, PRIDEfest After Party
Malaya Love Nations, PRIDEfest After Party
harmonythevalkyrie, PRIDEfest After Party

Trans woman drag queen performer.

Kiki Lucia, PRIDEfest After Party

Kiki Lucia (she/her) is a Connecticut-based drag performance artist with a vast training and artistic background that includes : classical ballet, aerial acrobatics, music theatre, modern dance, and acting. She also has experience in theatre production, directing, costume and production design, and producing.

She regularly performs throughout Connecticut as well as at events in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York and has also performed in Washington, DC and Canada. Her monthly show Let’s Have a Kiki (going into its 5th year in 2022) has regular gigs at Partners Café in New Haven, Trevi Lounge in Fairfield, and the Chez Est in Hartford. Let’s Have a Kiki, which is hosted and produced by Kiki, features a variety of regional drag performers and burlesque artists and will celebrate its 100th show in 2022.

Kendra Brown, PRIDEfest After Party

Puertorican Queen! I am 30 years old. With more than 10 years of experience, loving this art and achieving the union of our community. I am currently Miss Universe Latina New Comer 2021-22. I am passionate about dance, dramatization and the power to connect with the public. I consider myself a passionate, committed and very talented drag. Love, Kendra Brown. 🖤

Astra (she/they), Drag Brunch

Hello! My name is Astra, I’m a drag entertainer from Middletown, Connecticut. I get a lot of inspiration for my style from the divas before me. I like to mesh the old school drag and new drag with futuristic silhouettes and a lot of drag classics. If you’re going to see Astra, expect a flashy look and a lot of splits! 

DJ Edgewood (he/him), Drag Brunch

Connecticut’s outgoing Disc Jockey and music enthusiast from Fairfield County, DJ Edgewood brings nostalgia and high energy to dance floors, drag events, radio shows, and beyond all over the Northeast. With a selection of today’s and yesterday’s Pop, House, Hip-Hop, and R&B, his mission is to bring queer representation to dance floors all over.

Summer Haze, Drag Brunch

Summer Haze is Connecticut’s very own stunning, fun-loving, dancing, Puerto Rican queen! Whether you’ve seen her modeling sparkly bodysuits on Amazon, riding her bike in heels around East Haven, or strutting that sultry walk at the nearest casino, Summer’s looks are sure to turn heads. Summer has been preforming in Connecticut since 2019, and currently lives in East Haven with her partner and their three kitties. Regardless of the season, Summer brings the heat to any stage she is on!

Lucia Virginity (she/her), Drag Brunch

With 15 years of drag experience, Lucia Virginity has been a busy queen in her community of Connecticut, helping raise money for local and national charities including the states of New York, Boston, Rhode Island, DC, & Western Massachuetts. In those 15 years, she’s made a name for herself that’s on everyone’s lips bringing smiles to their faces. With a lot flare, glamour, class, and sass, Ms. Lucia Virginity loves what she does and is grateful for making life-long friends & relationships with everyone that she has encountered.

Klits Jenner (she/he/they), Drag Brunch

Hailing from the backwoods of Ansonia, CT; known for their high kicks and splits, most men can’t find her – it’s Klits Jenner!!

NEUBODY, Tea Dance

The NEUBODY collective creates opportunities for DJing, dancing, and collaboration within New Haven. As an integral part of urban communities and queer resilience, we seek to elevate techno, house, and dance music culture as well as uplift local DJ and artist talent.

Individual artist bios:

(he/they/she) is an LA born and bred DJ with eclectic musical interests spanning across the underground. Since starting at Yale for graduate school, valence has sought to build queer and trans community in New Haven through their DJ practice.

Jentlemen (she/her) is a CT-born DJ and producer dedicated to the classical and contemporary rave sounds as well as the more eclectic. Prior to moving back to CT, she refined her DJ skills in New York and The Netherlands where she held a residency at Amsterdam’s Red Light Radio.

7 Ways (he/him): Southern born, New England based musician/DJ. Fire sign.