Trans Week Of Visibility

Trans Week of Visibility 2022

March 28-31
Performance programs, panels and conversations live on facebookYouTube, and Twitch TV.

Join us for our observance of Trans Day of Visibility (TDOV), where we ask (and hopefully answer) the question, “What does it mean to be trans and visible?” Trans visibility has always been a hot topic in the trans community, and there’s seemingly been a dialectic between those who wish to go stealth and keep their trans status closely guarded and those who welcome being visibly trans.

We have thrilling conversations, panels, and in-person social events planned. This year includes a conversation between two trans folks talking about interfaith within the trans community, as well as a Black Trans Storytelling spotlight.

You can also learn more about the New Haven trans community as we sit down with trans icon and elder, Tia Lynn Waters. We can’t wait to see you in-person at the Trans Music spotlight, which will feature CT-based trans musicians, as well as our TDOV meet up at Blue Orchid Café.

This week you can also view Trans Body 4, which will be streamed virtually on Facebook and YouTube. It’s going to be an incredibly powerful, and assuredly-interesting series of performances, panels, discussions, and social events!

Program Curator
Finn Lockwood _ Circle

Finn Lockwood (they/them)
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Trans Week of Visibility Schedule of Programming

Trans Body 4

March 28 @ 7:30p
Live on facebook, and YouTube.

After a collaborative month-long creative process the community comes together to explore and celebrate the trans experience.

Transgender dancers and non-dancers come together with the artistic directors of Elm City Dance Collective and the New Haven Pride Center to present a special project that was created by and for program participants while exploring the context of transgender identity, history and corporeality. The project asked the questions : How do we embody and perform our own history? How do we tell stories about ourselves through movement? How can we express trans identity through dance?

This program is presented in partnership with Elm City Dance Collective.

Watch the Making of TransBody IV Watch TransBody IV

Trans Interfaith Talk

March 29 @ 1:00p
Live on facebook and YouTube

There has been a lot of controversy within religion and faith towards the trans and queer community. We know some people use this faith for the wrong reasons, we are here to talk about the positives.

During this discussion, we will sit down with trans folks of varying faiths to talk further about these spaces, and the effect they have on the trans community, positive or negative.

This panel features perspectives from Jahnice Cajigas, Revered Aron Miller, and Lindsey Pasquale. This panel will be moderated by Trans Program Curator Finn Lockwood.

Watch on YouTube

Black Trans Storytelling

March 29 @ 7:00p
Live on facebook and YouTube, and in-person. 

Black, Trans voices have been known to be underrepresented within the trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming community.

BlackOut, the New Haven Pride Center, and the Yale Office of LGBTQ Resources are excited to present Black Trans Storytelling, a community space for Black Trans, and gender non-conforming (TGNC) folks to share stories with other Black TGNC folks! We will open with invited storytellers sharing poetry, fiction, (and possibly music) and then hold space for community members to share their own stories in an open-mic style. This event is open to all TGNC community members of African descent only.

This program will feature perspectives from Ro Godwynn, Ty Cooper and Tia Lynn “Bubblicious” Waters.

Watch on YouTube

Trans Music Spotlight

March 30 @ 4:00p
Live on facebook, YouTube, and in-person. 

New Haven has such a diverse community, with so many talents. It is important to highlight local talent, and during TDOV we want to showcase local CT-based trans musicians. Come see the lights, mics, and entertainment that will wow you. This program will take place at Gather, located on State Street.

During this program you can view performances from local trans musicians and entertainers like Erycka, Dyme Ellis, and Alexandra Burnet.

Trans New Haven History

March 30 @ 7:00p
Live on facebook and YouTube

New Haven has such a strong history, including a gripping LGBTQ+ history. A lot of folks may not have heard about “Trans New Haven History”, but here is your chance!

This program will be an opportunity to learn more about the Trans History of New Haven from trans people in New Haven! Dive in with us while we sit down with local trans icon and elder, Tia Lynn Waters. This event is open to all members of the Yale and New Haven communities.

This program will be streamed virtually.

Watch on YouTube

Creating Safe Spaces for Trans Youth

March 31 @ 1:00p
Discussion will be in-person

One of the most often asked question of the community is “how do I make my program / school / home safe for queer / transgender youth?”

Join us for a conversation with Transgender and Nonbinary youth advocates and transgender and nonbinary youth where we tackle that question. What action can you take as a facilitator to ensure your space is trans-inclusive? What role do you play in preventing bullying and making sure you do not contribute to the issue that may be at hand? What can you do to make sure that every child you work with, especially transgender youth, feel supported and are given every opportunity to thrive?

This program will be in-person at the New Haven Pride Center.

TDOV Meetup & Trans Night Out

March 31 @ 5:30p
In-person event

Covid-19 has isolated a lot of us, and that can be dangerous, especially for the trans community.

We will be holding an in-person event, starting at the New Haven Pride Center to have a discussion about what TDOV truly means. This will be a conversation will be with the trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming staff of the New Haven Pride Center and the local trans community.

After that, you can join us at Blue Orchid Café, for a night of socializing and fun!

Trans ID Clinic

April 27 @ 6:00p
In-person event

Need your name and/or gender marker updated? We got you!

Join us for a review of how to get your name changed and correct your name and/or gender marker on identifying documents, including your driver’s license, birth certificate, social security, and more. After a brief presentation, there will be time to ask questions, get documents notarized, and get connected with support services.

This event is free and open to all transgender, gender non-conforming, and nonbinary Connecticut residents. If you are under 18 years old, you will need to bring a parent or guardian with you to get documents notarized.

This event will take place at Anchor Health Initiative in Hamden.

Register for this event here.

Meet the Speakers & Artists

Additional bios and photos coming soon!

Lindsey Pembrooke – Interfaith Trans Talk

Lindsey Pasquale (she/they), Board Secretary, joined the Board in 2018 and helps coordinate the Transgender Adult Support Group at the Pride Center. They are a trained facilitator and Board Treasurer at Hartford PFLAG, and named as Northeast Regional Director by PFLAG National in 2021. Lindsey has curated many large non-binary spaces on Facebook and is the creator of “Older and Non-Binary.” She has paneled as Guest Faculty for the Yale Internal Medicine residency program on the intersection of medicine and transgender identities since 2018. They have worked on magazine articles including “Coming Out”, aimed at parents of LGBTQ+ youth, and presented workshops including “We Are All Genderfluid: These and Other Myths About Non-Binary People.” Lindsey took part in Facebook@Stonewall at the Stonewall Inn as a panelist as part of the 50th Anniversary, to speak about about building meaningful communities on Facebook and reflect on its impact on LGBTQIA+ activism. Lindsey has moderated/participated in numerous panels for the Center on topics including transgender athletes, non-binary identities, community, and faith. They have a BS in Marketing and an MBA in Finance and currently work as a consultant in the Insurance Software Industry.

Jahnice Cajigas – Interfaith Trans Talk

Jahnice (she/her) is the Director of Organizing for the Citywide Youth Coalition Inc. Jahnice is a Strategy Council Member for the Perrin Family Foundation. She has also previously interned for PPSNE, with whom she successfully launched the state’s first queer camp specifically for youth of color. For Jahnice the camp is more than just a program, it’s providing a space she always wished to have offered to her. Jahnice has been a community organizer for the past seven years she has worked on issues like LGBTQ+ rights, juvenile justice reform and the miseducation of our education system, among many other issues. Jahnice is a true organizer and leader in the state of Connecticut who exudes the spirit of a new generation of youth who are politically conscious and personally committed to improving the community for the better.

Ro Godwynn – Black Trans Storytelling

Ro Godwynn (they/she) is a musician, activist, thinker and sonic healer local to New Haven, CT. Since the start of their artistic journey in 2017, Godwynn has been using her music to metabolize information about an ever-changing world, encouraging her listeners to do the same. To this day, she invites us to engage with concepts such as queerness, fate, the self, and spirituality through her art.

Tia Lynn “Bubblicious” Waters – Trans New Haven History

Tia Lynn “Bubblicious” Waters (she/her) has been performing for over 30 years – taking on stages in Connecticut, New York, and Europe. “Bubblicious,” or “Bubbles” as her friends call her, was one of the founding queens of the New Haven drag scene and has performed in every LGBTQ+ venue throughout New Haven. As an visual artist, Tia tells stories through her art.

An out and proud black transgender woman, Bubbles dedicates time and energy to bring awareness, support, and visibility to black and brown trans folk through performance and activism.